Bras for Men to Wear

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Are you a man who is searching for a bra? Finding a bra to wear can be simple and hassle-free if you decide to shop online. There are several options to check out that can have you looking great without having to stress over shopping in person.

Finding Bras for Men

Many men may have overly developed chests that are either a result of a medical condition such as gynecosmastia, swelling of the breast tissue, or from having gained weight or muscle in the chest area. Whatever the reason may be, men can rest assured that there are solutions that can be worn under their shirts to hide their breasts and have them feeling confident once again.

Bras for men are often referred to as the following:

  • Compression bra
  • Compression vest
  • Gynecomastia vest
  • Manssiere

Since many men may frown at the idea of going into the lingerie department of any store, there are several online shopping options to consider. Shopping online is not only convenient, but can take the embarrassment out of shopping in person. There are many sites that offer bras designed for men such as:

Underworks specializes in girdles and shapewear for both men and women. This site offers a range of choices for men to consider. Garments are sized according to chest size. Some items that you will find here include:

  • Original Body Shirt: You can choose between black or white for this comfortable yet concealing body shirt. It comes in the following sizes: X-small 29-33, Small 34-38, Medium 39-43, Large 44-48 and X-Large 49-53.
  • Cotton Concealer Tank: This white tank comes in a range of sizes such as X-small 28-31, Small 32-35, Medium 36-39, Large 40-43, X-large 44-47, 2X 48-51 and 3X 52-55.
  • Ultimate Chest Binder Tank: If you need extra coverage and support, this tank has double front compression and comes in either black or white. Sizes available include: X-small 29-31, Small 32-34, Medium 35-39, Large 40-44, X-large 45-48, 2X 48-52, and 3X 53-56.
  • Microfiber Light Compression Tank: Made from soft microfiber, this tank will feel comfortable all day long. It comes in white or black and in sizes X-small 28-31, Small 32-35, Medium 36-39, Large 40-44, X-large 45-48, 2X 49-52 and 3X 53-56.

Morris Designs

Morris Designs features fine compression wear and offers shapewear and compression garments designed specifically for men. Available sizes include XS, S, M, L, XL as well as custom orders.

Some products to check out:

  • Bra For Men: This bra comes in white and has a hook and eye side closure. It is made of athletic support material, making it suitable for daily wear. It can be ordered with or without suspenders.
  • Gynecomastia Vest: This vest will look invisible under clothing and has an adjustable hook and eye front closure as well as Velcro on the shoulders. It comes in white.

Contour MD

Contour MD sells male compression garments designed to be worn after breast reduction surgery as well as for hiding excess breast tissue. One popular option to check out is the Male Compression Tank by Contour. This tank is done in a breathable fabric and has a reinforced front panel and adjustable shoulder straps.

More Options To Consider

Of course, there are other options for men to consider when searching for a bra. A basic women's sports bra can be worn and may be sufficient in many cases. These bras can be found at discount stores, sporting good stores as well as online.

Some men prefer to simply use an Ace bandage wrap. This wrap can be worn tightly around the chest to hold in the breasts.

For those who are interested in a bra for cross dressing, your possibilities are endless. Any lingerie store will be filled with options for you to consider. Whether you look online at a site such as Victoria's Secret or a discount store such as Target, bras come in simple as well as elaborate designs to satisfy the tastes of anyone.

Sizing Tips

With all the options in bras for men to wear, there is no need to stress about finding one. Once you know your correct size and have your measurements in hand, you can shop just about anywhere. When getting sized for a bra, the most important measurements are the distances around your chest and ribcage. Most bras for men are designed according to chest size rather than cup size. Always check the sizing before placing an order so you can get the best fit possible and be comfortable in your new garment.

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Bras for Men to Wear