Finding Extra Long Men's Ties

Tall men need extra long men's ties.

Many big and tall men have long torsos to match their taller proportions. This means that a tie that is made for a man of average height is not going to be nearly long enough to look right with most of today's fashions. Since many suit jackets have fewer buttons than in the past, this problem becomes even more apparent, as the tie may skew a bit or bunch near the top of the jacket. There are many options available for big and tall men in tie selections.

Where to Purchase

Extra long ties can be purchased at most large men's retail clothing stores and online at the following retailers:

  • Gorgenti Tie Gallery: A huge selection of reasonably priced, silk men's ties in longer sizes. They break down their collection by the latest collection for the season, stripes, patterns or solids. In addition to their massive online collection, Gorgenti also offers a Tie-a-Month Club. The club is a great gift, or order your own subscription to get the latest tie styles on a monthly basis. You can choose from silk print or woven ties. Subscription is for one year.
  • JC Penney: Wide selection of ties in different fabrics, colors, sizes and selections. JC Penney offers most of their ties in either regular or extra long lengths to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. Order a catalog for a printed picture of the ties and other JC Penney products. Order for home delivery or in-store pickup. Also offers a nice selection of tie clips.
  • Men's Wearhouse: Designer men's ties in extra long sizes. To find the perfect tie, use the handy search feature. Search by size, color, type and price. The site offers free ground shipping on orders over $100, so it pays to purchase more than one tie, or combine with other clothing needs.
  • Some really unique ties are available at this site, such as a tie with eyeballs of varying colors, including pink. The company also offers ties with unique patterns, such as jelly beans, the solar system, a keyboard, candy hearts and grizzly bears. You'll also find ties featuring specific holidays, such as Christmas, Fourth of July and Earth Day. All of these ties are available in extra long with a ton of other choices. You can also search by ties that are their best sellers and newly released ties. Get detailed information on how to tie a tie.

The Solution: Extra Long Men's Ties

Designers have come up with the perfect solution to meet this growing need and that is ties with a little added length to meet the specific needs of plus size guys or men over six feet tall. Most extra long ties about 62 inches long. Compare this to regular tie lengths, which run around 52 to 57 inches. Lengths will vary a little, but this offers you a good ballpark comparison on tie lengths and where you'll gain the extra length you need with extra long men's ties. Clip-on ties tend to run shorter, both in regular and extra long sizes, because you will not need the extra material to go around your neck and the tie is already knotted.

The width on extra long ties is also a bit different, but not noticeably so. A regular length tie is about four inches wide if measured at the widest point. An extra long tie is around four and one fourth inches when measured at the widest point. So, the difference is not noticeable to the naked eye, but will help keep the tie symmetrical on a taller body.

Complete Your Look

The perfect tie will help complement the rest of your big and tall dress clothing. It will also keep you from growing frustrated at a poor fit that causes bunching and cock-eyed knots.

Finding Extra Long Men's Ties