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LoveToKnow Men's Fashion has fashion advice for all the styles a man needs, from business looks to casual outfits to special occasion apparel.

Here you'll find information that makes shopping and selecting men's clothing easier, like where to find the best business suits, what to wear for different dress codes, and the best brands and trends in men's casual wear. See how to pull off specific styles like retro-inspired, preppy looks, or sexy clubwear fashions. Find accessories guides like how to stretch a fitted hat or tie a necktie, and resources for outerwear. Use this site to help you, or a man close to you, find his perfect look.

Article Highlight: 1900's Fashion

During the first decade of the 1900s, fashion for men changed due to the growth of the fashion industry. Paris and London were the major fashion producers at the time. There were many advances in materials and design leading to new fashion creations. The ability to mass-produce… continue reading »

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