80s Clothing Styles with Pictures for Men

Popular 80s Styles


For years, the fashion industry has had a love affair with the 1970s. Now, the 80s are back in a big way, and these rad pictures of 80s style clothes for men can help you revive the trend. See some of the most popular looks of the decade, from the punk-rock vibe to the preppy look.

A pastel suit and coordinating tie like this light blue style captures a stylish 80s-inspired look. Adding a subtle contrasting pastel color will give the look a cool retro vibe.

Graphic Print Shirts


Graphic prints, like this black and white pattern designed by Andrea Incontri, were a popular go-to shirt style for men in the 80s. Paired with jeans or dress slacks, a shirt like this would take a young man of the 80s just about anywhere.

Colorblocked Tops


Colorblocking was another hot 80s look, especially in bold or neon shades. The modern knit of the trend here from Nautica is modernized with muted, earthy tones but still offers an 80s-inspired feel.

Sleeveless Shirts for Men


Sleeveless shirts for men were all the rage in the 80s, but there's no need to rip the sleeves off an 80s concert tee. A graphic black and white print sleeveless top like this one from Richard Chai Love offers a stylish way to incorporate the iconic sleeveless shirt.

Rolled Sleeves and Narrow-Waist Trousers


Rolled sleeves on short-sleeved shirts were another 80s essential for men. Trousers that were narrow at the waist and widest at the hips were also popular. MAX Fashion creates a fresh 80s look with a light button down shirt styled with rolled sleeves and blue 80s-look creased pants.

Button-Fly Jeans


Button-fly jeans were the way to go for men in the 80s - but this is one 80s style that never really died. Classic-cut pants and with a button fly look great with anything. For a more authentic 80s style, look for ripped men's jeans in stone or acid washed styles. When it's all said and done, you can never go wrong with wearing denim to pull off the 80s trend.

Slouchy Slacks


Loose, slouchy slacks like these featured on the Ordinary People runway were another popular 80s look for men. To really pull off the 80s vibe, French cuff the hems, or tuck them into your socks. A lightweight top and casual jacket complete the look.

Tapered Pants


Tapered pants and single-breasted blazers were staples of the 80s. Try keeping the look modern with a denim jacket and printed or solid color knit top.

Patterned Pants


Loose printed or patterned pants like these featured on the runway of Loris Diran were sported by men and women alike during the 80s. They looked great paired with solid color tops, and black was one of the most preferred colors in men's shirts.

Miami Vice Style Jacket


The world of entertainment had a lot of influence on the fashions of the 1980s. Popular television series Miami Vice - and lead actor Don Johnson - influenced the popular style of lightweight jacket seen here designed by Carmen Marc Valvo.

Wild Colors


Popular "hair" bands and punk rockers influenced 80s fashion in many ways, including making it fashionable for guys to wear very bright colors. It wasn't unusual for young men of the time to own several pairs of skinny jeans in various bright shades, including yellow, red and purple. In this look presented on the Jeremy Scott runway, the pants illustrate the kinds of bright colors that were so prevalent during the time.

Men's Cardigans


No self-respecting 80s man went without a button down cardigan. Solid or patterned stripes were a must. This long cardigan by Billy Reid gives a gentle nod to the 80s with its patterned look and classic button-down styling.

Thrilling Style


The influence of the world of music was not limited to heavy metal and punk rockers. Michael Jackson's Thriller, released in 1982, still holds the honor of being the best-selling album of all time. In addition to topping the charts for quite some time, the fashions associated with the album became quite popular.

Bomber Jackets


Leather bomber jackets paired with well-worn, frayed or ripped acid-washed jeans were popular options for casual wear during the 80s.

Track Suits


Not everything worn in the 80s was brightly colored or based on the world of entertainment. Track suits were quite popular during the decade - and not just for wearing to the gym. Matching workout jackets and pants were accepted casual attire for dates, movie-going, attending sporting events and hanging out with friends.

Preppy Plaid


The preppy look was also quite popular during the 80s. Argyle sweaters made a statement for the preppy set, as did anything that had a prominently place Izod alligator logo.

Polo Shirts


Yuppies and preppies alike loved polo shirts, especially those that featured Izod or Beverly Hills Polo Club logos. The most popular solid color polos were bright green and pale pink. Pastel stripes were also "in."

Fun 80s Fashions


With so many options to choose among, it's easy to see why fashion was such a focal point of the 80s. Whether you're looking for retro styles to wear now or if you're just wondering what people wore during that decade, you're sure to be impressed with the fun and stylish array of men's 80s fashions.

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80s Clothing Styles with Pictures for Men