80s Pants for Men

80s pants for men

The 1980s are back, and in a big way - and that includes 80s pants for men. If you are craving some 80s style for your wardrobe, or you just need a piece or two as a nod to current trends, then you should know that hammer pants are not your only option...not by a long shot! 80s pants can be interpreted in multiple ways, and there are actually more looks to try than you might expect. Care to check out the world of 80s-style trousers? You'll be happy you did.

Types of 80s Pants for Men

Stumped on the 80s pants styles that flatter you best? It's time to start browsing.

Acid-Wash Jeans

Acid-washed jeans have enjoyed a surprising comeback in recent years, and the silhouette in which they are offered is even more surprising. You'll find these 80s pants in a skinny, body-hugging shape that leaves little to the imagination-- just go with it. These were worn with funky, brightly-colored t-shirts in the 80s, but you can try a plain white, crew-neck t-shirt, high tops, and a leather jacket with yours. These are not for the faint-of-heart.

Hammer Pants

You want to go for this full-throttle. You are not going to pussyfoot around one of the most dynamic and controversial looks of the 1980s: what we now lovingly refer to as "hammer pants." These tapered pants have a bat-wing section at the hips that sometime wrap around the front and affix with a Velcro closure. They are unmistakably '80s, and best paired with a strappy tank top-- cropped or tucked in, of course. If you want to rock these pants and you don't know where to wear them, consider the beach, an ironically hipster bar, or a fashion show.

Bike Shorts

They are not pants, per se, but an extension on the bottoms vibe. Let's say that you crave more support than the Hammer pants can afford. Why not layer away with a pair of bike shorts underneath the 80s style pants... with the waistband hanging out for style's sake. You can also wear them alone with a tank top when you're working out, or bicycling, for that matter.

Loose Denim Pants

Get loose and daring with a pair of pants straight out of the 80s. Your denim selection might be a medium or dark wash (even though mega-light is the most accurate depiction of the 80s pants wash), but the silhouette is what really counts. Wear your loose denim pants loose around the hips, with an addition of a web or knotted belt in navy or red.

Shiny and Relaxed Trousers

Want to get away with wearing something as relaxed as sweatpants or leggings? Get a pair of elastic-waisted pants in a shimmering fabric. Silver pants in a lame fabric will look crazy at night under the lights, and a blue-green, shiny fabric is great for daytime. While you'll have to be daring and fashion-forward for these pants, they are certainly worth the effort.

Where to Buy 80s Style Pants

The good news about buying a pair of 80s pants for men? They are very popular right now, so you can shop around at popular men's sites to find what suits you best.

  • Ssense: Look for 80s jeans with a contemporary style blended with 80s looks. You can find a pair of jeans in acid wash or extremely light wash here, and it helps to go back for the sales.
  • eBay: Look for retro 80s pants on eBay.
  • 80s Purple: Skinny jeans and color-washed jeans can be found here, as well as fabric pants with an elastic-waisted silhouette. There are often pieces that look plucked right out of the 80s on this site, so keep a close watch.

80s pants might not be for everyone, but if you can rock them, then you're ready for compliments to roll your away.


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80s Pants for Men