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Brighton Men's Catera Croco Taper Belt

Finding a belt in a bigger men's size can often pose a challenge. Luckily, there are several options to check out that will make your search for the ideal belt a breeze. Knowing what to look for and what is in style will lead you to a belt that is flattering and comfortable.

Davis' Big and Tall

Davis' Big and Tall features a great variety of belt styles including strap leather, woven leather, antique leather, and much more. Belt sizes range from 30 to 80, depending on style. Davis' Big and Tall also offers free ground shipping for any orders over $99. To save even more, sign up for their email list and receive free shipping on your first order.

Some belt styles to consider include:

  • Brighton Men's Catera Croco Taper Belt: This stylish belt comes in black, brown or light peanut brown. It is priced around $65 and is done in Croco embossed leather which is perfect to pair with dress pants. This belt features Brighton's signature touches including a silver plated buckle, tip, and double keepers. It comes in sizes 30 to 52.
  • Tooled Basketweave Genuine Leather Work Belt: This tan nubuck leather belt comes in sizes 42 to 70 and is priced under $30. It features a durable basket weave band that measures 1 3/8 inches wide and has a removable silver tone D shape buckle. Wear this style with work pants, jeans or casual shorts.

The Belt Outlet

The Belt Outlet provides large-sized belts at reasonable prices. At this site you will find stretch and fully adjustable belts in a range of styles, sizes and materials such as leather, elastic, cotton and nylon. The Belt Outlet offers free shipping on all orders over $50.

Try one of these styles:

  • Aquarius Elastic Stretch Belt: This casual belt is a site best seller and can be worn with khakis, shorts or jeans. It is reasonably priced at around $20 and comes in your choice of classic colors including black, khaki and navy. Features include an elastic braided band and matching leather-covered buckle and tabs. The band of this belt measures 1.25 inches wide and sizes available are 38/40 to 58/60.
  • Boston Leather Big and Tall Leather Bridle Belt: This belt comes in your choice of solid black or brown. It is made of a thick, durable leather that measures 1.5 inches wide. This belt can be worn with the silver finish buckle that is included or used with a buckle of your choice. Available sizes range from 46 to 56. It is priced under $40.

Casual Male XL

Casual Male XL carries a great selection of belts in extended sizes from 38 to 80. Expect to find casual and dress belts done in materials such as leather and cotton and in a range of colors and styles. Free shipping is offered on orders over $100.

Some belt styles to consider include:

  • Harbor Bay Big & Tall Double-Prong Leather Belt
    Harbor Bay Big & Tall Double-Prong Leather Belt
    Harbor Bay Double-Prong Leather Belt: This stylish black leather belt is done with a double row of punched holes along the band. It will give a touch of style and edge when worn with jeans. It features a brushed nickel buckle and measures 1.5 inches wide. This belt comes in sizes 42/44 to 66/68 and is priced around $40.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Webbed Belt: This casual belt is done with a woven black cotton band accented by a brown square leather tip featuring the Polo logo. It features an engraved nickel rectangular ring for closure. It pairs great with jeans, khaki pants and shorts. This belt is priced under $30 and is available in sizes 1XL/52 to 3X/56.

King Size Direct

King Size Direct carries belts in a range of styles and prices. Expect to find dressy and casual belt styles in sizes 36/38 to 72/74. You can order conveniently online. Shipping ranges from about $6 to $16 depending on the total value of your order.

Some belt styles to consider include:

  • Elastic Braid Belt: This belt is ideal to wear with your casual pants or shorts. Color options include solid black, dark grey and navy blue as well as multi-color braided bands in blue and red multi, khaki multi and grey multi. This belt features an expandable elastic braided band with a leather tip, satin nickel buckle and a single keeper closure. It is priced around $35 and comes in sizes 40/42 to 72/74.
  • Cargo Belt: This leather belt is available in brown and black leather. It is unique since it is lined inside with mesh for extra comfort and is designed to wick away moisture. This belt features a rectangular matte nickel buckle and is the ideal choice for jeans and casual pants. It is priced around $40 and comes in sizes 40/42 to 72/74.

Style and Fit Tips

Once you find a few belts that fit well and feel great, you are ready to pair them with the clothing in your closet. The following tips are sure to have you looking stylish in your new belt.

  1. Dress Belts Do Not Go With Jeans: Many men wear black dress belts with blue jeans, but this is a fashion mistake. The belt you wear with informal pants (such as jeans or loose khaki pants) should also be informal and low-gloss. Look for hardware in brushed nickel or a muted brass instead of a high polished gold.
  2. Shorts Require Very Informal Belts: Many men's shorts are actually sold in the store with this accessory attached in the form of an elastic belt. If not, pick up a simple cotton belt (the kind with an O-ring buckle) for the most laid-back style.
  3. Dress Belts Should Match Dress Shoes: The fashion-conscious man should always make sure that the color of his belt matches the color of dress shoes he plans on wearing. If you have both black and brown dress shoes, then pick up a dress belt of each color. Make sure the color matches as close as possible.
  4. Wear What Fits: No matter what your size may be, nothing is worse than a belt in a size that's too small. A tight belt is unflattering and uncomfortable. Always buy your proper waist size and allow for an inch or more room to accommodate a tucked in shirt. It is better to get a belt in a larger size than one that is too small.

If you are uncertain of your waist size, stop into a men's store and ask them to measure you. That way, if you plan on ordering a belt online, you will know your exact size and get the best fit possible.

Stock Up on Belts

When you find a new belt that you love, pick up a few extras in different colors so that you'll always have to perfect belt to match your outfits. Stocking up with a variety of colors and styles will give you great options no matter what you're wearing, and will also limit the need for last-minute shopping trips.

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