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Big men's suits are a godsend for those who don't fit into most of the suits sold at menswear stores. Though some pants come unhemmed for easy tailoring, it doesn't solve everything that big men face when searching for a suit. A store that sells nothing but suits for big men is a safe haven against the endless search for the right size at just any men's shop.

Who Big Men's Suits Fit

These aren't to be confused with "big and tall" suits since not all men who wear larger sizes are exceptionally tall, as well. Big and tall stores do, however, sell big men's suits, so don't avoid those stores based on the assumption that they only sell clothing for men who are both big and tall.

Obviously, you can be a stout man without reaching a height of six feet or more, so you won't need extra-long coats or pants. Men's suits can go up to a size 12X.

It can be tricky to find some of the larger sizes in lengths that aren't extra long. That's not too much of an issue when it comes to the suit pants because they can be hemmed, but you'll want to get a coat that fits fairly well right off the bat (some minor alterations may be necessary since all bodies are different).

Big Men has a great sizing chart to sum it all up:

Big Men's Sizing
Size Chest Waist
1X 46-48 42-44
2X 50-52 46-48
3X 54-56 50-52
4X 58-60 54-56
5X 62-64 58-60
6X 66-68 62-64
7X 70-72 66-68
8X 74-76 70-72
9X 78-80 74-76
10X-11X 80 plus 78-80

Where to Shop

As mentioned above, a place that sells big sizes exclusively is a wonderful place for the sturdy guy. Big Men has a suit section (as well as just about every other type of men's clothing!) worth checking out. Here are a few favorites:

  • Tropical Wool Suit: This one's meant to be worn year-round, and you can get pleated or non-pleated pants. Choose from Solid British Tan, Conservative Black/White Tickweave, and Conservative Olive Tickweave. Along with Regular, Long, and Extra Long sizes, there's also a Short & Portly section.
  • Calvin Klein 3-Button Suit: This one's available in Jet Black or Black Stripe. It's 100 percent wool and meant to be worn year-round in most areas of the world. This is a good staple to have in your closet because it's conservative and will never go out of style.

Rochester Clothing has a few men's suits to consider. Check these out:

  • The Rochester Couture Performance Suit Coat is a two-button style with notched lapels, two flap pockets, and eight different color choices. Available sizes range from 42 to 60. You can also find the matching pants on the site. Waist sizes are from 36 to 60.

Menswear Discounts has a big and tall section that features some incredibly long inseams. Here are a few:

  • The Cezar del Prado Big & Tall Suit comes in black. The great thing about this one is the fact that you can order it in sizes 42 to 58 with a regular, long, or extra-long inseam. This suit is available in black, and it's 70 percent wool, 30 percent polyester.
  • Options are always a great thing. That's why we love the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Big and Tall Portly 2 Button Jacket with Pleated Dress Slacks. It comes in grey, black, grey stripe, navy stripe, black stripe, and charcoal multi stripe. It's 100 percent natural wool to span all seasons. You can get up to a size 48 in regular or long rise. These pants come cuffed so you can wear them without worrying about a trip to the tailor, so make sure you have your correct inseam measurement before you order. The jacket is available in short, regular, and long lengths.

A Final Word

When you're looking for big men's suits, don't shy away from big and tall men's stores thinking you need to be both. Also, don't skip over online shopping or regular department stores.

If you're just starting to build a suit collection, opt for a couple of dark suits (black, navy, charcoal), maybe adding pinstripes via one or two of your selections. From there, you can branch into lighter colors, patterns, and materials if you desire. The cheapest and most efficient way to liven up your dress wardrobe is to use shirts and ties.

Once you find a few suits that fit your body perfectly, you'll be hard pressed not to purchase one in every color.

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