Where to Shop for Big and Tall Casual Wear

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A key element to a well-stocked closet for any man is having one filled with items that fit his frame. Trying to fit into something that doesn't work for you is cramping your style - and the solution is one click or car ride away. Your quest for big and tall pants, shirts, and outerwear involves going beyond the typical retail stores.

6 Top Choices for Big and Tall Men

If you are looking for fashionable clothing items that will drape your body correctly, make note of our list below.


Based in the UK, Asos is an online retailer that offers timely trends without breaking the bank. Here some of the brands sold include Wrangler Plus, Barney's Plus, Duke Plus, and Heart & Dagger. From casual finds to a few items suitable for the office, Asos sells athletic wear such as sweatshirts and joggers, casual shirts, jeans, and outerwear.

Those shopping for tops can expect to pay anywhere between $10 to $45, for pants about $30 and $70 and for outerwear around $30 to $400. If denim is on your personal must-have list of items, you can expect to find styles in the $40 to $120 range. Asos offers a wide range of sizes in fits ranging from XL to 4XL in shirts and 30W-56W and 30L-38L in pants.

Askmen.com states that the Asos Big & Tall collection is far from stale - and full of great choices.

ASOS PLUS Denim Jacket in Mid Wash With Rips
ASOS PLUS Denim Jacket in Mid Wash With Rips

Banana Republic

For the classic and modern man, Banana Republic offers timeless and sophisticated casual clothing. Whether you want a dressed up or dressed down look, you have endless versatility with this brand's garments. Ideal for business casual days or weekends when you want an outfit that is pulled together, here you will find a variety of styles to build a capsule wardrobe of basics.

The Banana Republic big and tall line consists of tops, pants, denim, blazers, and outerwear. If nailing your size has been a challenge, here you will be covered with a great selection of fits designed to accommodate your body. Pants and shorts are available in 28W to 48W and 28L to 36L, and shirts ranging from XS to XXL and L Tall to XXL Tall. The prices offered are rather moderate, with tops costing about $45 - $120, pants around $70 - $200, and suit jacket separates costing around $300 - $450.

The stylish brand is recommended by MensHealth.com, which suggests that big and tall guys who are thicker in the middle try dark, slim-fit shirts from this brand to skim your frame and streamline your look.

Banana Republic Men's Polo T-Shirt Bright Blue XL
Banana Republic Men's Polo T-Shirt

Tommy Bahama

Don't think you can't wear the cool, breezy styles of Tommy Bahama just because you are a larger man. Tommy Bahama's big and tall fashions are available in categories such as shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories. You can add a fresh look to your casual wardrobe with items from Tommy Bahama.

They offer a range of sizes to help you find the right fit. Pants are available from 36W - 54W and 30L - 38L and shirts sizes between 1X to 5X for big men and L to 4XL for tall men. Shirts offered by Tommy Bahama cost around $60 - $190 and pants cost about $110 - $160.

According to style website Craveonline.com, Tommy Bahama is all about relaxed styling. If you're looking to give your closet a break from metropolitan modern and trendy items, then this leisure-inspired brand is one worth indulging in.

Tommy Bahama Men's Bayamo Geo Camp Shirt
Tommy Bahama Men's Bayamo Geo Camp Shirt

MVP Collections

The right wardrobe items can make any man feel like an MVP. To fill a void within the big and tall market, former three-time MLB All-Star and 1995 MVP athlete Mo Vaughn launched MVP Collections. Looks offered within this collection are ideal for lifestyle scenarios ranging from nights out to casual weekends.

The MVP collection includes shirts, tees, and sweatshirts offered in sizes 1XL to 4XL. Sweatpants and jeans range in sizes 38W - 50W with 34 inch inseams. MVP takes pride in being a brand that offers products made in the USA. The prices are moderate, costing about $130 - $210 for jeans, around $80 - $170 for sweatpants, and about $50 - $120 for shirts.

Plus Model Magazine suggests that MVP covers "all the bases," providing a win for any big and tall man's wardrobe.

Camo hoodie
Zipper Hoodie with Camo Print


Retail brand H&M has extended its sizes to meet the continually growing fashion demands of the big and tall man. Trend-forward items are available at H&M, perfect for men looking to shop casual separates that can be worn for outfits suitable for hanging out, the office, or weekend dates. You will find everything from outerwear and pants to blazers and athletic wear.

When shopping this fashion retail brand, you can expect to encounter jackets that cost around $35 - $130, tops from less then ten dollar to about $50, and pants ranging from about $20 to $50. Sizes available here range from 28W - 42W in pants and XL-XXL in shirts and outerwear.

Curvyfashionista.com notes that big and tall men can count on finding eye-catching and fashion-forward styles at this retailer.

Denim Bomber Jacket
Demin bomber jacket from H&M available in XXL


Australian brand Gulliva offers classic and modern wardrobe staples for who they refer to as the 'not so average' man. Big and tall men shopping this brand will find chinos, jeans, shirts, sweaters and jackets for their stylish needs. The website provides a helpful chart that breaks down the Australian sizes to complement those shopping within the United States.

Whether shopping for casual outings in the city or the office, this brand has plenty of casual choices. The brand offers shirts costing around $50-$165 in sizes 2XL - 5XL and pants priced about $135 - $155 with waist sizes ranging from 42W - 50W.

Lifestyle website Chubstr.com states that Gulliva makes clothing that big and tall men would be proud to wear in public.

Gulliva Men's One Hundred and One
Gulliva One Hundred and One shirt

Shopping Tips

Knowing where to shop is one thing, but knowing what to look for while you shop is another. Furthermore, buying clothing off the rack may require a further tweaking after your purchase. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping as you build your big and tall wardrobe.

Size Matters

Know your measurements. Whether you want a fit that is relaxed or sleek and straight, it is best to know your true size. Consider investing in a tape measure, which will come in handy whether shopping online or visiting the stores. Knowing your pant length, neck size, sleeve length and your chest, back and shoulder width is one of the best ways to ensure your clothing will complement your body without appearing sloppy.

Get a personalized Fit

A great tailor is your friend. While shopping you might come across a blazer or pair of pants that are a close fit and with just a few adjustments would be perfect. While some stores may have a tailor in-house, if this is not the case, it might serve you best to also search for one that is located near you.

Always Incorporate Your Style

Don't let your size get in the way of adding personality to your wardrobe. While shopping, look for colors and prints that resonate with you.

Be the Best Dressed

There are many stores that cater to big and tall guys and offer casual clothes that are perfect for you. Now that you have a list of stores to shop, be sure to become familiar with how various brands and sizes work for your shape. Have fun with trying on the items that best fit your physique, lifestyle, and personality.

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Where to Shop for Big and Tall Casual Wear