Big and Tall Leather Jacket Options

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Big and tall leather jackets offer the discerning man a jacket that gives style and function, all in one package. Leather jackets are versatile enough to be worn with casual clothing, such as jeans or with more formal clothing, such as suits.

Shopping Guide

Ideally, this jacket will last quite a while, so it's important to love everything about it before investing the big bucks. Expect to pay at least $150 for a quality leather jacket, although they are sometimes even more. Leather jackets can occasionally be found on sale for less. Here are a few retailers to help get started on the quest for a leather jacket:

  • Men's Wearhouse: You'll find brown and black leather blazers and bomber jackets. Expect to pay between $200 and $400.
  • Sierra Trading Post: Sizes go up to 3XL. Pricing for all of the leather styles here are around $300.
  • Casual Male XL: There are several styles to choose from here, with black, brown, and tan options. Prices range from about $200 to about $800.
  • Men's Leather Jackets: You can find sizes up to 5XL here, and styles come in various colors and lengths. Find everything from classic jackets to patriotic bomber jackets. Several styles are under $200.
  • Leather Modes: Expect to pay between $150 and $250 for these styles. Find blazers, car coats, bombers, and more.
  • As with many things on Amazon, there are several possibilities. Prices range from well below $100 to about $500.

Although the online marketplace is a great place to begin a search, visiting brick and mortar establishments of places such as Men's Warehouse can help ensure the perfect fit.

Styles of Big and Tall Leather Jackets

There are many different jacket styles, so how does one choose which jacket meshes that perfect blend of comfort and sophistication?

Classic Mid-Length

For those planning to make a big investment in a jacket, try to focus on a jacket that will be classic enough that it won't quickly go out of style. This way, there will be years of wear out of the big and tall leather jacket.

Typically, a mid-length jacket falls from the top of a man's thigh to the middle of his thigh. Obviously, the length will vary, depending upon how tall a man is and how customized the jacket is.

Trench Coat Leather

Right now, longer leather coats are popular with both men and women. This can be a great look for a business meeting, especially if purchased in the typical trench coat color of light brown. A full-length leather coat will fall between mid-calf and the ankle. Many men prefer a mid-calf as it avoids dirty hems from winter slush and spring rain.

Waist Length

Shorter jackets certainly have their place and can be a fashion statement all their own. Bomber jackets, made popular in the 1980's, are coming back into fashion and have a comfortable, casual feel that can be perfect for a day off. Waist length jackets create a more tailored feel to the overall fashion look. It is definitely important to be fitted professionally for a waist length jacket to make sure the jacket falls low enough to cover a tall frame, but also fits comfortably.


Leather jackets come in just about any color imaginable. Black is the classic look and seems to be the most popular, especially for business purposes, but jackets are also available in a variety of shades of brown, green, red, gray and many other colors. To create a retro or modern look, go for the latest color trends, which one can find by browsing any local quality leather or coat store. However, for something timeless, stick with black or dark brown leather.

Getting the Right Fit

One of the challenges for big and tall men is getting the perfect fit. If a jacket is long enough, it may not fit in shoulders or waist. If a jacket fits the shoulders or waist, it may not be long enough. Many men over six feet tall face this problem. Your best bet is to seek out retailers that offer products specifically for big and tall men. These retailers are experienced in fitting men of different sizes and taller heights and ordering or tailoring products to meet specific needs. Some things to look for in the fit:

  • Can the arms be raised comfortably without straining the leather?
  • Does the jacket button or zip easily?
  • Do the cuffs come down to the wrists, but not get in the way of the hands?
  • Does the coat come down as far as it should for the specific look? Look in the mirror. Twist in many directions to make sure.
  • When bending over, is the jacket too tight across the back?
  • If there is a belt, such as in a trench-style, is it wide enough?
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Big and Tall Leather Jacket Options