Where to Shop for Big and Tall Men's Dress Clothing

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Whether for a day at the office, or a night on the town, big and tall men's dress clothing is a staple in any sturdier man's closet. The quest for the perfect dress clothing involves more than just trotting down to the local Major-mart and picking something off the rack. The perfect fit, and the way the clothes drape your body, make a huge difference in the overall look.

Places to Find Big and Tall Men's Dress Clothing

The mannequins in department stores are typically rather small compared to today's robust guys. You may love the look of a fitted jacket and dressy trousers, but have a hard time finding the same pieces in your size. There are many stores that cater to big and tall guys and offer dress clothes that are perfect for any occasion. Some of these include:

King Size Direct

King Size offers a wide variety of clothing in big and tall sizes. There is a special section for dress clothes. One of their better pieces includes the King's Court Wrinkle Resistant Long-Sleeve Oxford shirts, which is available in an impressive array of colors. While you're there, you may also want to check out their dress trousers, which have an adjustable waistband that offers up to four extra inches for increased comfort. You may also want to grab a matching Hopsack blazer, and Stacy Adams square toe dress shoes.


Macy's offers a special section for big and tall men. Although the focus seems to be on casual clothing, there are some notable dressy pieces, such as the Kenneth Cole Big and Tall full-length raincoat. The coat is the perfect compliment to a dressy wardrobe. For that fitted jacket look that is so popular right now, try the Polo Ralph Lauren Big and Tall 381 Bleecker jacket. Add a pocket hankie and you're ready for a wedding, night on the town or proposal dinner.

Casual Male XL

Casual Male XL is one of the leaders in apparel for men who wear larger sizes. The chain specializes in clothing in 1X-6X and in XLT-5XLT. Expect to find items such as dress pants, shirts, polos and sweaters to add to your wardrobe as well as socks, footwear and accessories.

Jos. A. Bank Big and Tall

Jos. A. Bank Big and Tall offers all the great styles and quality as their other stores do. You can shop in person or online for suits, blazers, dress shirts as well as for shoes, accessories such as ties and even for tuxedos.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren features clothing in big and tall sizes in addition to their standard line. Big and tall items are done in the same styles and quality as other items but cut for those needing an extended size. There is no need to sacrafice style when there are items such as polos, sport shirts, dress shirts, jackets and pants available by the label. Ralph Lauren offers shoes, belts and other accessories in big and tall sizes as well so that whatever you need to complete your look is easy to find in your size as well.

Stylish Dress Apparel

The perfect dress clothing is more than just the suit and a tie. Many accessories can give your look that final air of sophistication that will make others sit up and take notice. Look at adding items such as the pocket-handkerchief, cuff links and tie clips for an added bit of elegance.

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Where to Shop for Big and Tall Men's Dress Clothing