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Borsalino Hats

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Borsalino hats, manufactured in Alessandria, Italy since the company's founding by former factory worker Giuseppe Borsalino, are considered the last word in elegant and stylish fedora hats. Fans know that in addition to the famous fedora, as sharp today as in the 1950s, Borsalino makes a wide range of hats in a variety of shapes and fabrics, each designed with a personal touch.

History of Borsalino Hats

In 1857, Giuseppe Borsalino founded the first artisan workshop for the production of felt hats. Not only did he apply ideas of design and technique learned while working in a factory from the age of 14, he also applied his knowledge of the needs of workers to create a strong business. His was one of the first companies to provide for the health care and pensions of his workers. His son took over the company after Giuseppe's death and it grew and thrived, despite two world wars. The felt hats were popular worldwide and the name Borsalino so well known, it even became the title of a film.

The Modern Collection

Borsalino hats are still made with a sharp eye to detail and the considered use of high-quality materials. The hats continue to be made with machines that are 100 years-old and not one gets completed that isn't touched by an actual designer. Truly, these hats are a real investment. At any one time, the Borsalino hats collection will consist of a variety of fedoras, caps, trilbys and Panamas. Each one has a distinct, southern European look.

A few of the Borsalino hats on offer include:

  • Luca Fedora - A classy, four-inch high center pinch crown hat with a one and a half-inch wide raw edge stingy brim. Comes in a rich dark chocolate fur felt. The striped grosgrain ribbon is gold, green and purple. The hat is lined in satin and has a leather sweatband.
  • Paolo Fedora - A modern hat in a lovely celadon green fur felt. The striped grosgrain ribbon is gold, spruce green and celadon.
  • Franco Fedora - A packable hat, perfect for the stylish man on the go. The fur felt tan hat has a four and a half-inch unlined open crown that can be shaped into a center dent or pinch as you like. Its brim is one and 7/8-inches wide and has a tonal grosgrain ribbon and cotton sweatband.
  • Pronto Ivy Cap - A cap that can be as casual or dressy as you like in 100% wool. Has a crisply tailored look, quilted satin lining for warmth and comfort and a grosgrain ribbon sweatband.
  • Barolo Ivy Cap - A dark brown cap in a stylish herringbone pattern, this Borsalino hat is made of 100% cotton velvet, rendering it exquisitely soft and smooth.
  • Crushable Safari - In black, brown or sage, this easily packed hat comes in 100% fur felt and can be worn in rain or snow. With a two and a half-inch brim, you can leave the umbrella behind. It has a leather hatband tipped with a Borsalino pin.
  • Panama Porkpie - Perfect for summer, this hat is made from Ecuadorian straw and has a two-inch wide brim, making it wider than the classic porkpie hat and great for sun protection. The crown is three and one-half inches high and it has a grosgrain ribbon and leather sweatband.

Buying Borsalino

Borsalino hats (but not the caps) are sold by precise head measurements. While it is always ideal to try on a hat before purchase so that you can judge its color and shape for yourself, you can at least be sure of getting a good fit when buying online if you measure your head first. To get your correct measurements, go to Hats and That and follow the instructions. Remember, a Borsalino hat is a unique piece and worth the investment - your head won't grow or shrink so you can wear it forever!

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Borsalino Hats