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Brioni suits represent some of the finest hand-made Italian suits in the world.

About Brioni Suits

The Brioni fashion house was founded in 1945. It was the first Rome suit shop by master tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini. They decided to name the shop "Brioni" after an Adriatic Sea resort, now named Brijuni. By the 1950s, Brioni experienced international success. The year 1954 brought the label to America at its first fashion show in New York City. Brioni opened shop in the U.S. that same year, and the rest is history.

Brioni Today

Brioni continues to grow, currently employing over 900 tailors with hundreds of styles of suits created every year. However, at the very heart of the business are the many thousands of elite clientele, such as movie stars, rock stars, and socialites, for whom Brioni custom tailors suits. This business alone makes up over a quarter of Brioni's production.

The name "Brioni" brings to mind the "Dapper Don" suits of crime boss John Gotti, or those worn today by Donald Trump. In the 1950s, Brioni represented radical innovation and impeccable style. Today, these suits represent style, confidence, and power. Other famous clients of Brioni suits include Al Pacino, Luciano Pavarotti, Robert Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, and even George W. Bush.

The Ultimate in Custom Tailoring

Brioni fashion, while originally focused on suits, has expanded into upscale clothing of many types, including accessories and sportswear. Brioni represents a perfection in every detail that remains unsurpassed in gentlemen's suits across the world. While Brioni releases new lines each year, just as other suit makers do, Brioni is one of the few suitmakers in the world who finely tailor a suit to not only an individual's measurements, but also his unique tastes, style, and needs. Brioni stands apart as one of the best suit-makers the world has ever known.

Brioni suits now come in many lines and colors. Most of Brioni's "off-the-rack" suits are priced over $2000, but they offer the same quality and precision as the customized, or "bespoke", suits that the elite wear. Tailored suits (which make up 20% of the company's sales) start at almost $4000. The unique roll of the collar, buttonhole shape, and signature topstitching are common identifying factors among all Brioni suits.

Buying Brioni

If you are hoping to one day find mega-sized Brioni boutiques with thousands of products to browse, you will be disappointed. Brioni's core customer remains its select clientele who can contact the company directly and specifically request a tailored suit with whatever unique features they need. In a 2006 Time Life article, tailor Simone Lovino reported that one client at a Paris hotel fitting asked for a special pocket. Lovino assumed it was for a handgun, but at Brioni, no questions are asked -- they simply tailor the finest Italian suits in the world.

Colors and Styles

When you locate a Brioni boutique, you will find unique handmade suits for all tastes. These include a number of colors and styles, such as the examples below.

  • Nomentano, Navy Blue
  • Blue Pinstripe, Navy
  • Chalk Pinstripe, Navy
  • Wool Power Suit, Gray
  • Nomentano, Gray
  • Microdot, Gray/Black
  • Italy Super 150's Wool, Gray
  • Rome 3 Button, Gray
  • Wool Tuxedo, Black

Of course, the latest from Brioni is the hand tailored "James Bond" suit, a replica of suits worn by James Bond himself. It comes complete with the "James Bond" tag stitched to the inside.

Brioni Boutiques

Brioni suits are exclusive, so it can be difficult to find them. You may find Brioni suits for sale online, possibly even on eBay. However, if you want a new tailored suit of your own, your best option is to locate a local Brioni boutique. Look up "Brioni" in the yellow pages for your state. They are usually located at upscale suit and tuxedo boutiques. Some boutiques located near large cities, that carry Brioni, are listed below.

  • Boston: Giblees Tuxedos; 85 Andover St; Danvers, MA
  • Austin: Keepers; 515 Congress Ave Ste 140; Austin, TX
  • Detroit: Brioni's; 36643 Jefferson Ave; Harrison Township, MI
  • Las Vegas: Brioni Apparel; 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S; Las Vegas, NV
  • Brioni of Roma; 55 Park Avenue Plz, New York, NY
  • Brioni Clothing; 9700 Collins Ave; Miami Beach, FL

You can also find information at the Brioni Web site about this finely tailored suit designer.

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