Carhartt Flannel Shirts

A flannel shirt is indispensable.

Carhartt flannel shirts are synonymous with hard-working Americans. Tough, durable, and strong, Carhartt shirts are an essential item for every man's wardrobe.

History of Carharrt

In 1855, a gentleman named Hamilton Carhartt founded a garment company with just one goal in mind, to set a standard of excellence to which all others aspire. Unlike most clothing manufacturers, Hamilton Carhartt stepped outside the box and worked directly with railroad engineers to find out what type of garments they needed to perform their active job duties. Carhartt discovered what types of materials, what sort of thread and what level of durability the garments needed to possess in order to withstand the everyday wear and tear of the job. With notes in hand, Hamilton Carhartt began manufacturing the uniforms out of canvas and duck, slowly building an empire, one quality garment at a time.

Although business was growing considerably, Carhartt's company was inevitably hit by the Great Depression and was forced to close all but three manufacturing plants. Keeping with the dedication and pioneering spirit of our founding fathers, Mr. Carhartt remained dedicated to his mission and uncompromising goal. His vision and spirit carried the company through their rough patch. Eventually they recovered, later operating over 17 mills and plants throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Although Hamilton Carhartt has since passed, his company remains a family affair, upholding the same goal of providing Best-in-Class garments for the active worker. The rugged durability of Carhartt has earned the garments into the closets of men and women who seek comfort and quality.

Benefits of Flannel

Flannel has long been the favorite cotton woven for cold weather. Because of its tight weave, flannel wicks away moisture while keeping the body warm. Flannel has varying degrees of loft, or fiber count. The higher the ounce of flannel, the more warmth it will provide. Carhartt flannels are available in lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight lofts, providing limitless seasonal options. Carhartt manufactures garments for inclement weather in mind, whether it be windy and wet or snowing and icy, a Carhartt flannel shirt will provide a moisture barrier and protect against extreme elements.

In addition to the quality of flannel and the careful construction of each garment, Carhartt shirts sport the following fine details:

  • Spread collars
  • Back yokes with center box pleats
  • Chest pockets with button-closure flaps
  • Triple-stitched main seams
  • Adjustable cuffs with extended plackets and button closures
  • Exceptional ease and comfort

Carhartt Flannel Shirts: A Fashion Statement

Carhartt shirts are certainly popular outside the labor and active industry. Men of all ages and lifestyles can throw on a flannel shirt and look rugged and cool. For a surfer look, wear a Carhartt with your board shorts and a white tee shirt. For a lumberjack style, sport your flannel with a pair of denim jeans and some Caterpillar boots. Carhartt flannels easily transcend work wear and casual wear and will always remain fashionable.

When to Wear

Carhartt shirts are perfect for hiking and camping voyages. Lightweight and easy to pack, they'll provide enough insulation to keep one warm on mountains and rugged terrains. Flannel shirts are necessity for the starving college student. If you're heading to campus this fall, pack a few for the late trek home from the library. Flannels also make great break-up souvenirs. What guy hasn't lost a few flannels to an ex-girlfriend?

Laborers, engineers, farmers, hunters, anglers, and anyone in between wear Carhartt flannels because they believe in both the quality and the durability of the garments.

Where to Buy

Although Carhartt sells their entire line of Carhartt products through their own website, you can find retailers locally and on the Internet. Check out these suppliers and get shopping.

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