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Men sometimes have overly developed chests that are either a result of a medical condition such as gynecosmastia (swelling of the breast tissue) or from having gained weight or muscle in the chest area. Whether… Keep reading »

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Do you have a flair for the fabulous? Are you going to debut as a debutant? Men can cross dress for fun or just to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Learn how to cross dress, shop and even get tips from the experts.

Learn How to Cross Dress

Are you new to the cross dressing game? You might like to be a female impersonator on the weekend, or you just might like cross dressing at home. Whatever the case, learn how to cross dress in a way that will make you feel fabulous. It isn't all about men wearing dresses either. To get the full experience of a man dressing as a woman, you'll need makeup, wigs, shoes and accessories. You'll also need to decide on your cross dressing style. Are you looking for a fabulous look to wear to the club or more natural looking cross dressing looks? Deciding on your style can help you to get the perfect outfit and accessories to fill your needs.

Buying Clothing

Fortunately, cross dressing apparel has come a long way in recent years. Online shopping ensures privacy, as well as convenience, but you can also shop brick-and-mortar stores for what you need. Depending on what you are shopping for, sometimes it can be better just to try it on. It can still be helpful to get expert advice on what bra styles for men to wear or the perfect shaper to give you the waist you want. Find the retailers who cater to the cross dressing market and all of the various items they carry, as well as famous -- and infamous -- cross dressers on stage and on screen.

Expert Tips

When you first get into cross dressing, you might have a lot of questions. Sometime, reading an expert interview about cross dressing or getting advice from in this lifestyle help you from making a first-timers faux pas. Find out how to decide what you style is, shop for clothes and even misconceptions about cross dressers. You can also get friendly tips that can make your cross dressing dreams a reality.

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Do you long to take the stage as your favorite celebrity diva? Or do you prefer to don women's clothing for yourself? It doesn't matter where you sport feminine attire or for what reason, it only matters that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Interviews, information and tips can help you design your personal cross dresser lifestyle.

Cross Dressing