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From the man who loves to slump on the sofa watching the big game to those whose heaven is a day on the golf course, men's casual clothing is a staple in every male's closet. This type of clothing needs to be able to transition just as a man's life does.

Men's Casual Clothing Styles

Men's casual wear isn't all jeans and t-shirts; it has taken on a completely new dimension these days. Some men need smart casual wear for work and others want active wear that looks tough at the gym. It covers a wide bracket of wardrobe needs for all men, from casual Fridays to weekend outings. Check out some of what you can expect to find in this LoveToKnow category:

  • Pants: Casual pants can easily take you from day to night. Read about relaxed baggy trousers, classic cargo pants, or dressy casual designs for a night out on the town.
  • Shorts: The ultimate casual garment, shorts are available in variety of styles and fabrics. With so many designs to choose from, it shows that shorts can have personality all their own. Some options include: athletic shorts, madras and brand names like Dockers.
  • Shirts: The casual shirt can mean many things, which is why it's good to know exactly what style options are available. Some are more dressy, while others are strictly for leisure time and activities. A few standout designs you can expect to find include: polo shirts, dress shirts for a business casual look, relaxed printed styles, classic white tees, and genre-specific western wear.
  • Jackets: No ensemble would be complete without a jacket to top things off. Browse ideas ranging from lightweight summer styles to classic sport coats that can take you from dressy to casual in an instant.

Casual Fabrics

Fabric is an important element of men's casual wear. Find out more about some of the most popular materials:

  • Denim: You can successfully incorporate denim into your wardrobe in other ways besides just wearing jeans. Get ideas on things like wearing denim jackets, how to best wear cutoffs, and finding discount designer denim.
  • Flannel: Find details on essential flannel pieces like flannel-lined slacks and flannel shirts.
  • Silk: One of the most cherished and timeless fabrics can easily give the male wardrobe instant spophistication in items like tees and robes.
  • Cotton: The one fabric that every man can benefit from and shouldn't be without. Learn about styles and where to shop for items like shorts and sports coats.
  • Corduroy: From jackets to pants, get style tips on one of the best fabrics for the colder months of the year.

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Whether you lounge in sweats or can't seem to dress down except for bed, finding the best advice for your casual outfits is here. Peruse dozens of articles that cover the range of golf shirts to work shirts and everything in between. Let LoveToKnow show you how to look and feel your best, in your home and out.

Men's Casual Clothing