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There were distinct fashions during the Elizabethan era for men as well as some restrictions regarding what they wore. Find out how men's clothing styles were defined, what the common garments consisted of, and… Keep reading »

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Men's fashion has certainly evolved through the centuries, as any look at men's historical clothing will show you. While much has always been made of women's fashions, men's styles are no less noteworthy. Students of fashion and history can clearly see how a man's status and class affected his wardrobe.

Men's Historical Clothing Styles

You don't have to be a history buff to appreciate how style has changed, even from decade to decade. Historical (or period) clothing is a fascinating part of the fashion landscape, and when you want to know all about it, LoveToKnow is the best resource.

LoveToKnow has historical fashion articles that offer an overview of clothing worn in specific periods, and those that focus solely particular garments that were worn during a selected era, such as 80s shirts or vintage smoking jackets.

Learn about the clothing worn in different time periods, such as:

  • For the Renaissance period, men's fashion during the Renaissance era may be of particular interest to you.
  • If you romanticize the Roaring Twenties, then seeing how menswear in the 1920s significantly changed from what came the century before can be quite the eye-opener.
  • To further your historical fashion knowledge, take a look at men's clothing in the 19th century.
  • A more recent time period you may remember are the 1980s and how you dressed during that colorful and exciting time.

Wearing Historical Clothing Today

While looking at men's historical clothing can be educational, it can also be an intriguing way to view the past. As with all things in fashion, what's old is often new again. Styles that you thought you'd never see repeated are sometimes resurrected in better -- or worse -- ways. If you are totally fascinated by historical clothing, there are also articles on where to purchase period clothing and how to wear it in a modern way. Find out more more on topics like how to pull off a leisure suit today, or where to buy 1920s style fashions.

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While finding information about historical periods can be pretty easy, when it comes to the fashion aspect information is less plentiful. LoveToKnow is here to help provide all of the information you need about the fashion choices from different decades, so enjoy a little history and style inspiration.

Men's Historical Clothing