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Choosing the right men's outerwear is essential. Not only does it serve a functional purpose, but it showcases your sense of style as well. Having a complete outerwear wardrobe to meet your needs and work with the changing seasons can help you stay comfortable as well as stylish.

Tips for Choosing Men's Outerwear

When it comes to the world of apparel, guys are all different. Some are right at home in the fashion sector, while others might need a bit of guidance. If you need tips on how to select the right outerwear, the information here can help.

Seasonal Considerations

The first aspect that comes into play is the typical weather for the area you reside in (if you travel for business, pleasure, or both, make sure to factor in the weather for those locations as well). If you live in a balmy area, chances are you'll probably just need a light jacket or two for cooler days and evenings. If you live in an area with cold winters and completely different seasons, you'll likely need several types of outerwear to get you through all the temperature changes comfortably.

Focus on Color

Color is another big point when it comes to outerwear. You'll want to think about your personality, style preferences, and where you'll be wearing your coat or jacket. Think about whether you prefer neutrals, bold colors, or prints like plaids. Also consider the location - out with friends on a Saturday night is a great place for a trendy, bright jacket, but you might need something in black, brown, tan, or another understated neutral to wear to work Monday morning.

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Style and Fit

Your personal sense of style and what you feel comfortable in plays a big part in the type of outerwear you buy. Men's coats and jackets come in a wide range of looks, from slim-fitting modern styles and unique artistic designs to traditional outerwear with a standard fit. The style is also important. If you work in a professional setting, a long dress coat could be essential. If you work in a more casual atmosphere, a more artistic jacket could be fine. Maybe you want something that looks like it's straight out of The Matrix, or maybe you're more inclined to a traditional full length winter jacket. You'll want to make sure you have coats and jackets for both work and casual settings.

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Types of Outerwear to Consider

If you're not sure about the different types of outerwear out there for men, this quick primer can help.

Bomber Jackets

Originally introduced during World War I, the bomber jacket is a quintessential part of men's fashion today. The traditional style was done in leather with a short ribbed waist and matching cuffs. However, there are many modern variations in fit and fabric. There are styles intended for warmth with cozy linings as well as looks more design for fashion done in lightweight materials.

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Hooded Lightweight Jackets

Essential for areas that are prone to windy weather, chilly temperatures, or rain, a hooded jacket can be lined or unlined. They come in a huge range of fabrics, colors, and styles, and are a great addition to any casual outfit in addition to providing protection from sudden weather conditions.

Biker or Motorcycle Jacket

A biker or motorcycle jacket is a fitted piece of outerwear that is typically made of leather and features lots of zippers and has a "tough" look. It's both functional and stylish, and works well paired with a simple outfit like great jeans and a fitted t-shirt.

Dressy Overcoat

Ideal for work, especially if you work in a more formal or corporate setting, the traditional overcoat comes to about knee length and is made from warm materials such as 100 percent wool. These usually have a single or double row of buttons and have pockets.

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Track Jacket

These were originally the rage in the 70s and done in velour, though you can find lots of stylish options done in performance fabrics today. This is a great casual and sporty look, whether you're actually working out, running errands, or going for coffee with friends.


Somewhat similar to an overcoat, the peacoat hangs at a shorter length, around the hips. It's typically double-breasted and while originally done in wool, comes in a variety of fabrics today.

Trench Coat

The trench coat typically has a belt and is double-breasted. It often falls to about shin length though there are other variations, such as ankle length. A trench coat is traditionally known for its water-resistant and lightweight fabric.

Parka or Ski Jacket

A men's outerwear item designed for extremely cold weather, a parka or ski jacket will be made with materials that can heep the wearer warm in very cold winter temperatures. Today, these are often done in high performance fabrics that are warm but not bulky.

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Get the Men's Outerwear you Need

Whether you just need a couple light jackets for evenings and slightly lower temperatures, or you need a full arsenal of coats and jackets to combat extreme temperatures, there has never been more variety when it comes to men's outerwear. Consider your style preferences, needs, and budget, then get the coats and jackets you need to make it through the year in style.

Men's Outerwear Styles