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A smart, dapper suit is a Cerruti staple.

Truly a luxury brand, Cerruti fashion design is renowned around the world for its attention to detail, beautiful use of color, respect for nature and innovative designs.

About Cerruti Fashion Design

The history of Cerruti goes back centuries. It all started in 1881, when Antonio Cerruti and his brothers established their own textile business in the Italian town of Biella. The family mill thrived, and the Cerrutis, who were now recognized for their quality wool products, began to build their business on an international level.

The company grew dramatically over the years, but it was in 1950, when a young Nino Cerruti took control of the family business, that things really changed. What had once been a successful but quiet operation was transformed when Cerruti applied his stylish sensibilities - including an appreciation for rich fabrics and streamlined, clean cuts - to the company's garments.

His first major venture was Hitman, a line of men's sportswear introduced in 1957. Among the more than 120,000 articles of clothing produced are jackets, dress shirts, coats and pants. Hitman is considered something of a revolutionary shift in the history of men's clothing; it was Cerruti's invention of the unstructured, easygoing jacket that made an especially memorable impression. In fact, this lightweight cut set the tone for suits that were more body-conscious and less in line with the heavier, boxier styles of previous eras. By removing the lining and designing a more complementary fit, Cerruti essentially created the first suit that was accessible for all men.

Cerruti 1881

His first boutique, Cerruti 1881, opened in Paris and paved the way for a slew of others around the world. Despite the glamorous locales of his stores, Cerruti has maintained operations in Biella. As the company grew, so too did Cerruti's list of noteworthy designers. Among them were Giorgio Armani, whose career began as a menswear designer for the company in 1961, as well as Narcisco Rodriguez.

In 1967, the company's diffusion line, Cerruti 1881, was founded, and this brought a whole new level of recognition to the label. It led to the company's major event of 1968, when Cerruti presented his first fashion show, featuring both men's and women's attire. It is recognized as the first show to concurrently showcase both genders.

Hollywood Ties

Amongst the many feathers in his cap, Cerruti also maintained a strong presence in Hollywood. His clothes were (and continue to be) celebrity favorites, and Cerruti enjoys the honor of dressing actors in several notable films. Among them are:

  • Michael Douglas in Wall Street
  • Clint Eastwood in In the Line of Fire
  • Richard Gere in Pretty Woman
  • Jack Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick
  • Robert Redford in Indecent Proposal
  • Denzel Washington in Philadelphia

In addition to these illustrious names, Cerruti was also responsible for dressing the actors on the hit TV program Miami Vice. The show's signature look earned itself an intense following throughout the 1980s, ranging from unstructured blazers worn with t-shirts, linen pants and loafers worn without socks. It was essentially a strong introduction of Italian fashion to the American market - and it stuck. Today, these clothes represent men's fashion of the '80s in much the same way Madonna's wardrobe defined women's attire of that decade.


Later decades were not as kind to the fashion house. The company entered a restructuring phase, declared bankruptcy and was eventually sold to an equity firm. Currently the company is enjoying a reestablishment period, and continues to be sold in boutiques around the world.

The Clothes

The Cerruti fashion design men's lineup includes several ranges:

  • Silklight is a luminous, almost sparkling collection crafted of Australian wools and Chinese silks. The result is fresh, crisp menswear with an elegant twist.
  • 100% Cashmere needs no introduction. As soft and luxurious as a thick blanket, the collection includes tailored jackets, suits and coats.
  • Urbanease is informal wear at its finest. The lineup includes wool- and cashmere-blend jackets and suits with a hip, downtown cool appeal.
  • Turbo 180 is the epitome of decadent, touchable silk. Each suit is made of 125 kilometers of twisted yarn.
  • Superissimo is cool, dapper and utterly dashing. The lightweight worsted fabrics are supremely wearable, making them ideal for everyday use.
  • Metallizzato will revitalize a modern man's wardrobe thanks to the metallic tints used to breathe life to simple, yet always elegant, wool suits.
  • Nobility offers a wide range of styles in a variety of smart, classic prints.
  • Renaissance utilizes a traditional weaving method to create glamorous suits that are subtle in design yet heavy on flawless details.

Where to Purchase

Select Cerruti 1881 suits are available online at Yoox. Unfortunately, other offerings are extremely limited in the United States, though Cerruti suits are more widely available in Europe. There are also many Cerruti fashion design styles available on eBay, though it is wise to do some research before purchasing. Make sure you're buying the real thing and you'll be thrilled with your investment of timeless Italian attire.

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Cerruti Fashion Design