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Never mind the overpriced, excessively extravagant stuff - you're more interested in cheap designer male suits. Who can blame a guy for searching high and low for something that offers quality, value and a decent bargain all at the same time? Fortunately, your search is not in vain. Well-priced, perfectly constructed suits are available online and in stores right now. Your only challenge is choosing the ones that are best for you!

The Importance of a Great Suit

Ask any red-blooded woman: A man in a suit is the very definition of tasty eye candy. And just ask any man who's done the rounds and walked out of a store several hundred dollars poorer: Shopping for those things is not fun or cheap. For as important as a great suit is to a man's wardrobe, it can also be quite stifling to his bank account.

Despite that, most men find themselves in need of a suit at some point or another. Whether it's a younger man getting his start in the professional world and heading off to his first interview, a college graduate or someone getting suited up for a major event, every male knows how crucial a suit is for certain occasions.

While men may not need to invest the same amount of time and effort into getting dressed up that women do, one thing they do share in common is those racked-up bills! A classy, high-quality ensemble will cost a bit extra, but it more than pays for itself over time if you select pieces that are classic and well-cut.

What Defines a "Cheap" Suit

So you've decided you want to go the "cheap" route - but that word can mean so many things. In fact, "cheap" often connotes poor quality and workmanship. What you're really after is an inexpensive suit that shares the same impeccable quality of its higher-priced siblings.

The trouble is that you'll find your share of both "cheap" and inexpensive products on the racks. To differentiate between the two, recognize that certain materials will cost much less than others. A polyester suit will obviously be quite a bit more affordable than a wool one, but remember that you're also paying for quality as well as aesthetics. Your cheap polyester number may do the trick for a while, but you'll find yourself searching in vain again before long.

Instead, consider your suit an investment. The longer it lasts, the better you'll feel about having spent just a little bit more. While the inexpensive price may not be exactly what you had in mind when you first set out in search of that cheap suit, bear in mind that it will end up being much less costly in the long run.

Where to Find Cheap Designer Male Suits

In this world, and especially in this day and age, it's important to be frugal where one can. Though it's not wise to skimp on a suit, it's also not necessary to break the bank. Finding cheap designer male suits is no trouble, especially if you know exactly where to look and what to keep an eye out for.

Menswear Stores

You'll find your fair share of suits at specialty menswear stores. Savvy shoppers may be able to put together an outstanding makeshift suit by purchasing items a la carte. For example, the purchase of a blazer at regular price may include a special deal on a pair of matching slacks. This allows you to walk away with two items for a bargain.

  • Visit the S&K Menswear clearance department often. It's consistently stocked with high-quality suits that will undoubtedly cater to individuals on a budget. Nab a regularly priced $300 blazer for $130, score a pair of $160 pants for less than $100 and so much more. Be sure to check back often, as the selection changes rapidly.
  • Check out Men's Wearhouse for outstanding deals on top-notch merchandise. Every now and then, the store runs a great sale that really showcases the best values out there. Seasonal sales are often some of the most impressive; the company's Summer Sale, for example, offers a wide selection of pieces at different price points. Whether your budget is a bit higher or on the lower end, you'll easily find something here. (Tip: Use this as an opportunity to nab two suits for the price of one - you'll often find deals like that at this sale.)

Online Discount Stores

These days, you can rely on the Internet for almost everything. A great suit at a reasonable price is no exception!

  • Don't overlook Overstock for a modest selection of suits made with quality material and designed by some of today's top brands. You simply can't beat a wool suit priced at nearly 70 percent off the retail price! In a variety of colors, the suits on this site are versatile and definitely the real deal.
  • Check out Bluefly for the ultimate in high-end designer suits. Granted, these suits won't exactly be "cheap" in the inexpensive definition of the word (you're not going to score a Prada suit for just a few hundred bucks, for example), but all of the offerings are discounted. You can search for your suit by price to make things easier. If you're a label fanatic and love wearing Dior, Gucci and the like, you'll undoubtedly find something here.
  • Finally, don't discount eBay when it comes to finding reasonably priced suits. Use the "Men's Suits and Sportscoats Finder" to search for specific items. If you don't mind wearing a pre-owned suit, you can search for that and perhaps walk away with a better deal than if you'd purchased a new suit.

When in Doubt…

It's much easier to purchase suits in person than online, especially if it's your first purchase or you aren't sure of your fit. If you see a great deal online that you simply must have, don't be afraid to get measured at a store. Ideally, you should always know what size to order in advance, especially with something as important as a suit.

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Cheap Designer Male Suits