Clothing Color Analysis

What colors make you look your best?

Clothing color analysis is not only for women. More and more men are seeking advice to help them project the type of image they want to convey, both personally and professionally.

Seasonal Color Analysis

Impressionist painters in the 1800s spent a considerable amount of time studying colors found in the natural world at different times of day and during different times of year. Their resulting works include paintings that are rich in color, and led to the idea of "seasonal color theory."

The idea of colors used in fashion being grouped into four "seasons" was introduced in the early 1980s. Carole Jackson's Book, Color Me Beautiful, is credited with introducing this idea to the public.

What is Clothing Color Analysis?

A man who decides to undergo the process of having a clothing color analysis done will discover what types of colors make up his "personal color tone." It is a scientific analysis performed by a trained consultant.

To conduct the analysis, the consultant places several colored scarves, in turn, over the client's shoulders. Each time a scarf is used, the consultant looks at the client's skin tone to see whether that particular shade complements his (or her) skin tone or not.

By the end of the session, the client is given suggestions for the types of colors that he or she should be wearing for maximum effect, and which ones should be avoided. It makes choosing clothing much easier when you know which colors will help you to look your best.

Benefits of Color Analysis for Men

Today's world of business moves a lot faster than in the past, and people feel they need to present a very polished exterior to be considered a quality candidate for available jobs, promotions within their own company, or career opportunities with other companies.

More Attractive Appearance

When a color analysis has been completed and the gentleman in question starts wearing colors that complement his skin tone, he will appear younger and more confident. A color clothing analysis will also provide the following benefits to one's overall appearance:

  • Wrinkles and laugh lines are less noticeable
  • Appearance of dark circles under the eyes are reduced
  • Blemishes fade

Easier to Choose a Flattering Wardrobe

Once you know which colors suit you best, it makes shopping for clothes a lot easier. You can go directly to the section of the store where you will find the shirts, ties, and suits that suit your complexion and make your choices quickly. This means you have more time for other pursuits.

Increased Confidence

In work as well as social situations, presenting a confident image is crucial to having positive relationships with clients, customers, coworkers, friends, and family members. When a man knows he is wearing clothing that makes him look his best, he can turn his attention toward other matters that need his attention. This boost to his self-esteem means that he will be able to achieve a greater level of success in his professional and personal lives.

Express your Unique Personality through your Clothing Choices

With a clothing color analysis, you can then choose to wear color combinations that reflect your personality. Everyone is unique and the clothing colors you choose to wear tell the people you interact with something about who you are.

People you deal with will decide what kind of person you are based on how you present yourself, and the colors you decide to wear influence how other people see you. You may as well do all that you can to make sure that they are getting the correct information.

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