Collarless Dress Shirts

Collarless dress shirt for men
The collarless dress shirt is casual, but still slightly dressy.

Collarless dress shirts are one of the least-complicated dressy styles for men. Unlike many of dress shirt options, this look is not fussy and is easy to match with any number of elegant styles. From simple tweed slacks to a smart sport coat, collarless shirts will match beautifully with many selections.

Style a Collarless Shirt

Collarless shirts aren't easy to style if you've never worn one, but once you try one, you'll find that the options are endless. Select one of these looks as an introduction to this unique style.

Rolled-Up Sleeves: To balance the neck design, show a little skin around the arms by rolling up your sleeves. There's no need to do it a certain way-- simply unbutton your skirt at the wrist and fold it up casually two or three times.

Destroyed Denim: Dress shirts do not have to be paired with a casual business ensemble. Instead, you can wear this type of dress shirt with a simple pair of jeans and sneakers in a high-low combination. This is particularly successful with a hat of your choice, from a baseball hat to a straw hat.

Retro Shades: Retro sunglasses can do wonders for your look, and it's easy to find a remade and updated pair of retro-inspired sunglasses unlike. Think of the style that best suits you, like Wayfarers or something extra vintage, like a horn-rimmed shade.

Khakis: Chinos haven't had the best reputation style-wise, but you can easily find a pair of khaki-colored pants to work for you. Look for a pair of khaki pants that have a rougher hand, with more rugged details, and then pair them with a linen-blend dress shirt for the full effect.

Vest: This is a slippery slope, but even a vest can be done right when wearing a collarless shirt-- with the right styling, that is. Wear a vest in a heavyweight material, like a rough tweed, denim, or homespun woven fabric, and make sure that your vest selection is current, with trendy details. The collarless shirt should be plain, without additional detailing like pintucks or bright buttons.

Sneakers: If you're wearing a dress shirt, you might start out by styling it in a more formal way. This is not necessary-- instead, dress the shirt down with simple touches like a pair of classic '70s running sneakers or a fun watch.

Leather Jacket: Sometimes a collarless shirt can feel pretty chilly, and you'll need to bring an additional layer to keep yourself warm. A battered leather jacket is an optimal choice, and you can try any style, like a pilot's jacket or square-cut item with a '40s feel.

Shop for Collarless Dress Shirts

Now that you've had some inspiration, it's time to start shopping for perfect collarless dress shirts. You'll be surprised at how difficult it is to find one, so this list is highly recommended.

  • Thomas Pink: This high-quality shirt retailers offers a collarless, classic white button-up shirt at around $150. This updated classic shirt comes with a detachable white collar. This is the dressiest collarless option you will find.
  • Barneys New York: Always a retailer with options, Barneys New York has been known to carry a collarless shirt style or two for men. It's not always easy to find this look in person, but regular searches online will help you significantly.
  • Ann Demeulemeester: Demeulemeester specializes in the edgier side of men's fashion, and many of her looks have that special deconstructed flair that some crave. If you are looking for a new shirt without too much concern for budget, this is a good choice.

Collarless shirts are an extremely versatile design that many wish were available more readily. This style is clean, simple, and still slightly contemporary, so you can wear it with trousers or jeans -- or even shorts if you'd like. If you've never wore a collarless shirt, perhaps now's the time to start.

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Collarless Dress Shirts