Colorful Men's Shorts

Colorful Men's Shorts

Why settle for basic black or navy when there are endless options for colorful men's shorts available? Shorts can be worn for a range of activities as well as for lounging at home. Add some spice to your collection of shorts with a few pairs in bright colors.

Subtle Color

Colorful but still subtle, green is the way to go if you want something unique but not overly bold. Green shorts can be worn for swimming or leisure and work well with a variety of options. From a simple white tee to a colorful tank top, there are endless possibilities to pair with your green.

True Blue

Try a pair of turquoise blue shorts while relaxing by the water. Whether you are boating or just hanging out by the shore, blue is a great color choice for summer. Pair them with a colorful top and you will stylish and ready for adventure.

Red Hot

You can look red hot while running when you wear a pair of shorts in a bright color, such as red. There is no reason to settle for plain when you can wear something colorful.

Running Around

Colorful shorts are ideal for running. They come in bright colors such as yellow and are not only comfortable but are available in many styles as well. If you are on a school track team, wear a pair in your school's colors to show your spirit.

Get Noticed

Whether you are windsurfing or enjoying the beach, brightly colored swim shorts are a perfect choice. They will not only get you noticed but are fun to wear while enjoying the waves and wind.

Crazy About Plaid

Plaid shorts are fashionable and fun. Plaid is seen on walking shorts, swim shorts and just about any thing you can imagine. There are endless color combinations done in plaid so choose something flashy and get noticed while wearing them proudly.

Jump for Joy

Brightly colored swim trunks will have you jumping for joy. Can you think of a better way to show off in the water than by wearing a colorful pair of shorts? Fun and sun can go hand in hand when you wear something that shows off your wild side.

Individual Style

Bold patterns and bright colors make up these colorful men's shorts that are great for surfing and other water activities. When you are out in the water showing off your moves, wear a pair of board shorts in a color that will make you stand out from the crowd.

There are endless color options and patterns to choose from so select a pair of shorts that best reflects your own style and individuality.

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Colorful Men's Shorts