Cowboy Hunks

The Many Types of Cowboy Hunks

Cowboy hunks have become some of the great icons of masculinity in America and throughout the world. They come in all sorts of flavors and styles, from this rough ropin' workman to the stylish silk-shirted gambler.

The Master of Beasts

Part of the cowboy appeal is his way with animals - from the power of controlling a herd of cattle to the tender partnership with his faithful dog.

The Grizzled Cowboy

Another part of the Western charm is the rough authenticity of the man too busy to bother with shaving every day. In fact, many men spend hours trying to look this handsome, as if they didn't bother to shave at all.

The Hispanic Cowboy

Zorro and El Mariachi (both played by Antonio Banderas) are two examples of the cowboy legend in Mexico. While often portrayed in American movies as villains, the "gaucho" also has a distinct style and look.

The Sexy Villain

The Bad Guy cowboy has always held a great deal of sex appeal, even with actual criminals - Jesse James and Billy the Kid, for example, were idolized even when they were at large.

The Knight of the Plains

On the other side of the coin, the nobility of the lawman trying to enforce justice on the wild frontier also has an immense macho appeal. Guns, badges, and a steely look in his eye as he mounts his steed are all hallmarks of these cowboy hunks.

The Rascally Cowboy

The fun-loving scoundrel cowboy has a charming boyish smile and often looks ready to get into all sorts of mischievous shenanigans. With an irresistible laugh and twinkling eyes, these kinds of masculine archetypes are tricksters at large.

The End of the Trail

Whether rascal, lawman, or man-on-the-run, another part of a cowboy's sex appeal is his vulnerability - especially the angst and loneliness that are the byproducts of a hard life. Seeing the strong muscles wearily seeking rest can be very endearing.

Six-String at his Side

Most contemporary cowboy sex symbols are in the field of country music, and a guitar has been a part of the Western man's toolkit almost as long as a revolver, a shiny belt buckle, and spurs.

Boot-Scootin' Boogie Boys

The cowboy look has also taken on the contemporary dance world. Country line dancing is a worldwide phenomenon, and cowboy hunks like this also make a good living as exotic dancers for adoring female fans.

A Gambling Man

Gambling, along with drinking and music, is also one of the favorite ways for a cowboy to spend some time. Professional gamblers were known for their wit, charm, and unscrupulous methods throughout the west - a different kind of scoundrel.

The Look of the True Cowboy

Often the most attractive features of cowboy hunks are their open, sincere, and honest faces. Dress them any way you like, it's the cowboy's heart that really makes the man.

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