Cross Dressing Apparel

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In today's more inclusive and technology enhanced world, men can shop for feminine attire in a multitude of places including the privacy of their homes. Today there are many specialty shops available that offer female-style apparel in men's sizes.

Where to Buy Cross Dressing Apparel

These sites cater to the cross dressing market and carry a full line of garments and other items to make the most of a feminine dressing experience.

  • Cross-Dress - An online boutique specializing in cross dressing. They have a myriad of products available including: silicone breast forms, fantasy costumes, everyday apparel and hosiery.
  • Cross Dress USA - This site has several categories for all of your cross dressing apparel needs. They have sections targeted for clubwear, leather enthusiasts, costumes and custom made pieces to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Drag-Queen - Since this site is primarily intended for drag queens, you can expect to find apparel that is much more glamorous than other online boutiques. Full-length evening gowns, wigs, makeup and jewelry are a large amount of the inventory.
  • X Dress - While this shopping site does have a few clothing items, the bigger focus is on cross dressing lingerie, accessories and costumes.
  • The BreastForm Store - An online store that is concentrated on completing the full cross dressing look. Here you'll find breast plates, faux nipples, body foundation garments, daily wear apparel and shoes.

What You'll Find

Stores that specialize in cross dressing apparel typically carry the following items:

  • Body foundations: These can also be girdles or girdle-like lingerie. They're important for molding and smoothing the male figure into a more feminine one. Padded panties can create curves as well as minimize parts of the male anatomy that can take away from the womanly experience.
  • Pantyhose: Fishnets, thigh high stockings and more can be found for the discriminating cross dresser who wants nylons that not only fit, but also look incredible.
  • Wigs: You can transform yourself into a beautiful blonde one day and then a sophisticated brunette the next. Female impersonators often have a rotation of wigs because they portray several different characters.
  • Dresses: Cross dress suppliers stock dresses that fit men's shapes and the dresses range from flirty and casual to intricate styles that stand out on stage.
  • Shoes: Men can also buy feminine shoes that will fit their larger feet from cross dress retailers. Pumps, boots, stilettos, sandals and even cute ballet-type flats are often available in sizes up to 17.


There are some items cross dressers want that aren't easily picked up in local department stores. Others are easy to find, but since they're available in the women's section of shops, they're sized to fit women. While some cross dressing men are slender and small-boned, others have a bulkier body and don't fit in female-sized garments.

The best thing about wearing cross dressing specific clothing is that you don't have to worry if it fits your frame properly. All of the clothing, lingerie and intimates have been designed to fit the male frame. However, if you're still unsure about your sizes in cross dressing clothing, simply have your measurements taken and email the seller before purchase to ensure that right fit.

Private or Public

Some men cross dress publicly, for female impersonation shows or because they feel more comfortable in women's clothing; others dress in feminine attire in secret. For all cross dressers, however, the garments and accessories can be perused and purchased from the comfort of your home.

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Cross Dressing Apparel