Cutoff Shorts for Men

 Cut offs for men

The latest trend in men's fashion is cutoff shorts. No longer just for casual wear, cutoffs have found their way into many men's wardrobes and are worn numerous ways.

Styles of Cutoff Shorts

There are many different styles of cu off shorts. Traditionally, cutoffs are made from denim, but they can be made in any material that long pants are styled from. Some styles include:

  • Denim
  • Cargo
  • Fleece

Cutoff length can vary from mid-thigh to below the knee to even calf length. At the knee or right above the knee remain the most popular.

Where to Find

Since cutoffs are now a popular trend for men, they can be widely found in the men's department of major department stores. Online they can be found at:

  • Urban Outfitters feature Levi Red Tab Cutoff Shorts. These are knee length and fit like regular Levi's. They have a straight leg and a medium rise.
  • True Religion Brand Jeans has cutoffs in a cozy fleece. They have a vintage feel and a unique look.
  • Buckle has Lucky Brand Tikki cutoffs that fit loosely and have a button fly. The buckle strap detail on the waistband and button flap back pockets give these shorts a fashionable flair.

Other stores to check are American Eagle, Gap and Hollister.

What to Pair Them With

Depending on what you decide to pair your cutoffs with, they can look stylish or sloppy. Be sure to carefully choose the right blend of clothing to look stylish and fashionable. Some tips for wearing:

  • Make sure your cutoffs fit like any other pair of shorts. Don't wear them too baggy or you will look sloppy.
  • Knee length or right above the knee will be flattering to any man. If wearing a shorter pair, don't show too much thigh. Wearing them too long can make you look shorter so be sure to choose a length that suits your body type best.
  • A great pair of sandals and a crisp white tee are the perfect complements to any pair of shorts.

How to Make Your Own

Why not make your own instead of spending a ton of money on a trendy store-bought pair? Making them is quite simple, plus you will get the satisfaction of wearing a creation of your own.

To make your own pair:

  1. Find a pair of old jeans that you are willing to cut up. If using a new pair of jeans, be sure to wash them first in hot water then dry them completely. This will prevent shrinking later on and ensure the best fit possible.
  2. Try on your jeans and mark the desired length on each leg. Do this step one leg at a time.
  3. After removing your jeans, iron them flat to make sure that the legs are even.
  4. Next, mark a straight line on each leg. Use a ruler for best results.
  5. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut off both jean legs.

If you want a frayed look, simply throw the jeans in the wash and then dry them. Another way to fray the bottoms is to use a sharp knife along the edges.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a pair of cutoffs can have you looking trendy and stylish. Be sure to choose a style and length that is flattering to your particular body type.

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