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Denim work shirts are a versatile clothing item for men of all ages and sizes. They can be worn for different jobs and are a smart choice for working around the house as well.

Why Choose Denim

Denim is a great choice of material for a men's work shirt for many reasons. It is durable, comfortable and looks great plain or with a company logo on it. Denim is easy to take care of and is machine washable. Ironing is not usually needed with a denim shirt. A denim shirt can be worn alone or with a t-shirt or turtleneck under it, and it can be worn with khakis or jeans. Denim is smart choice for a work shirt -- wear one and you will see why.

Dressy Denim vs. Denim Work Shirts

Denim and denim-look button up shirts can be a great style option for men, but denim tops specifically made for work have several differences. Work shirts from denim are often made from a thicker, more durable, or more rugged denim that can stand up to many washings. Reinforced stitches are also common. Metal buttons or snaps are common as these lend durability as well.

A roomier or relaxed fit that allows ease of movement while working is another common feature of these shirts, with gussets or split yokes to allow extra room for moving. While dressy denim shirts often have one pocket, work shirts typically feature two front pockets, and some even feature utility loops.

Types of Denim Work Shirts

There are endless styles of denim shirts for work available. Styles include the following:

  • Denim shirts come in both long and short sleeve.
  • They can button-up or snap in the front.
  • Some have pockets while others are plain.
  • Many companies choose to print their name or company logo on a denim shirt while others can be worn without it.
  • Denim shirts can be styled like a regular oxford shirt or have a western twist.

JC Penney has several styles of denim work shirts. Check out:

  • Big Mac Long Sleeve Prewashed Denim Shirt. This shirt is not only exceptional quality but is also reasonably priced at under $30. It has flap pockets with buttons and adjustable button cuffs. It comes in regular, tall, extra tall and big tall.
  • Big Mac Short Sleeve Prewashed Chambray Shirt is a pre-washed chambray shirt. It has two flap pockets with buttons and comes in regular, tall, extra tall and big tall.
  • Dickies Chambray Work Shirt. Dickie's shirts are known for their durability and quality. They are cut generously in the shoulder and sleeves, making them extremely comfortable. This shirt has a button front and two pockets. It also has an extra long shirttail making it perfect to tuck in and to stay neatly tucked in your pants. It is made from a cotton/polyester blend.

Sheplers carries several styles of denim shirts including:

  • Wrangler bleached denim work shirt. This is the working man's basic work shirt. It comes in bleached indigo denim and will stand up to heavy-duty work. It has front peaks and back western yokes. It has snap closures on front placket and cuffs.
  • Wrangler short sleeve work shirt is perfect to wear in warm weather. It has pearlized snap closures and western front and back yokes. It has two snap pockets and a pen slot in the left pocket.
  • Wrangler indigo work shirt is perfect for heavy-duty work. It has snap closures on front placket and cuffs and has two front snap flap pockets.

Other stores that carry work shirts made of denim material are:

End Notes

Whether you are a laborer, landscaper, mechanic or working around your own home, work shirts made of denim are the perfect type of shirt to wear. They are durable, comfortable and look great no matter how you wear them.

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