Designer Men's Nightclub Shirts

Basic Black

Designer nightclub shirts give men an opportunity to showcase their style, and to have a little fun with their look. Since the style 'rules' are more relaxed when it comes to weekend wear, there are many choices. The images in the slideshow offer seven ideas to look sharp and create your individual style stamp in your designer shirt.

Designer shirts with collars can be appropriate for club wear, depending on the style. Black is always sexy and stylish for night!

Casual and Cool

A dress casual shirt under a cool blazer, like this baby blue jacket, looks fabulous for night wear.

Sexy Mesh Shirt

This mesh shirt by Control Sector is a sexy take on casual wear, perfect for a nightclub environment when you want to dress to impress.

The Versatile Henley

The Henley is one of the most versatile items in a man's wardrobe. A basic white Henley like this one from Asaf Ganot features great texture that adds flair to your outfit.

Bright Patterned Shirts

Designer shirts in bright, playful patterns, like this fantastic print from Pierre Cardin, are another fun option for dinner, dancing, and hitting the clubs.

Classic Black Shirt

A classic men's designer shirt in black, like this crewneck top, is an essential. Dress it up or down depending on the type of club you're going to. A black jacket gives you a monochromatic look that's always in fashion.

Long Sleeves and Leather

Leather can be sharp in a designer shirt and add flair for a nightclub look. This shirt features patches of leather to add visual interest.

Sheer Polo

A sheer polo like this black style from Duckie Brown creates a whole new level of dressy casual wear for men. Be prepared to get attention in a sexy designer nightclub shirt like this!

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Designer Men's Nightclub Shirts