Fall Fashion Ideas for Men

Plaid Is Back

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Men's Fall '16 fashion trends are incredibly varied, from a fresh take on classic plaid, to futuristic chrome, to bomber jackets, and even shades of pink. The wide range of styles ensure that every guy will find something new and interesting to add to his wardrobe for the cool, crisp months of 2016.

Fans of 90s style will love seeing that plaid is returning to the scene. This time around, instead of the traditional flannel shirt, plaid has resurged as more of a jacket style. Hey, some things have to be mixed up from decade to decade!

Shine On

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Want to be the center of attention? Don't hold back. Try a chrome disco hoodie or jacket and pair it with something neutral, like a pair of dark wash blue jeans. If you want to take a less daring approach, opt for a chrome accessory such as a wallet or pair of shoes.

Made With Love (or They Just Appear to Be)

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Not everyone's lucky enough to have someone in their family who can create hand-sewn or knit clothing items for them. Fall '16 fashions are stepping up to the plate, offering a "made with love" look and feel with patchwork, unusual stitches, and other crafty touches. Wear it casually to add a homemade touch to your look.

Bomber Jackets With Extra Details

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Men have enjoyed bomber jackets for decades, but this year's styles have something extra. Whether it's an image on the back or a hint of fur (or faux fur), choose details that make the most sense with your wardrobe and lifestyle. Bomber jackets go with almost everything, from casual to more dressy looks, so styling your jacket should be a snap.

Men in Pink

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The idea that pink is just for girls has been fading away for quite some time and this season, pink is prominent in men's style. Dress shirts, ties, jackets, and even pants in various shades of pink will be widely available. Why should ladies get to have all the fun? If you're still not sure about wearing pink, ease into the idea with a tie or dress shirt.

Puffy Coats for Warmth

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Fall fashion says yes to puffy coats for 2016. Hip-length and down-stuffed are the way to go. You don't have to strut around in skinny jeans with a jacket like this (though you could, and it would look fine), but do try to go for more narrow pant silhouettes to balance out the bulk of the jacket.

Nerd Style and Kitsch

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From t-shirts with silly old-fashioned advertisements to vests with unusual patterns, Fall '16 says the quirkier, the better! Now is the time to embrace your sense of humor, random things you just happen to love for no reason whatsoever, and whatever other nerdiness you may possess. Kitschy, oddball items of clothing like this tend to be wonderful conversation starters, so don't hold back. You may never feel so welcome to wear your personality on your sleeve (or chest) again. Do it now, and wear it with a good-natured grin. Make these items the attention-grabbers of your attire by pairing them with your favorite blue jeans or a simple pair of slacks.


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Men want in on the comfortable active wear trend, too! How long have women been sporting the combo of tracksuit or yoga pants and tank tops? On weekends, evenings, and early mornings (even weekdays, if you work from home or have an extremely relaxed work environment), enjoy being out and about in something that basically feels like socially acceptable pajamas.

Sexy Cowboy Style

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In some areas of the country, cowboy style is simply an everyday look and has been for years. Fall '16 takes those rugged western shirts, cowboy hats, and belts with big buckles to new places. What do you wear these with? Tight-fitting (but still comfortable) jeans, of course!

Shaggy Fur Coats

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If city life and glam style are more up your alley, a fur (or faux fur) coat may be the way to go. Look for longer lengths (just above the knee) and neutral shades. The fur itself will make you stand out, so the color can be subdued and still garner a "wow" effect. A dark tan, khaki, olive green, or black pair of slacks and a button-up or t-shirt in a solid color will be the perfect match.

Wrap Coats With Belts

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Several jacket styles were on the runways, including wrap coats. The trench coat is the most classic way of adding this trend into your wardrobe. Look for belted, double-breasted pieces to add a gentlemen's touch to any outfit.

Try these styles yourself or pick up a couple of pieces for your favorite guy. These styles are easy to mix and match with all of your wardrobe staples.

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Fall Fashion Ideas for Men