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Fashion Guidelines for Short Heavy Men

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Following a few basic fashion guidelines for short heavy men will help the shorter guy who's also on the heavier side look his best, no matter the occasion. While women have tons of fashion magazines and websites to visit for style advice, men don't get the same consideration when it comes to clothing.

Unfortunately, for the man who's taller, shorter or heavier than average, this can leave him puzzled as to what he should wear. Once you learn a few body shape fashion tips for men and figure out what works best for your particular body type, you should be able to shop with confidence that everything you select will maximize your appearance.

Basic Fashion Guidelines for Short Heavy Men

While not every man who's short and heavy is concerned about making himself appear taller or slimmer, for the guys out there who want to make the most of their looks, try these tips:

  • Monochromatic dressing: Many petite women know this simple trick. It works just as well for short and heavy men. When you dress all in one color or one color family, you elongate your appearance. This will be easy when you wear a suit since the jacket and slacks are made to match, but for more casual wear, a black polo top paired with black or deep blue jeans will slenderize you. Darker colors are more forgiving, so black, charcoal, navy blue and chocolate brown are shades you want to gravitate toward. However, don't be afraid to add splashes of bright color through your accessories, such as a funky hat or pocket square.
  • Vertical details: Skinny stripes, zippers and a row of buttons help to draw the eye upward, so vertical details are your friends. The last thing you want to wear are horizontal stripes - they'll call attention to the roundest part of you. Pinstripes work well, but you can also choose tops that are multicolored. A shirt that's lighter in front, but with dark panels on the sides, creates the illusion of a slimmer you.
  • Custom suits: If you can afford it, custom suits will flatter you like few other garments will. This is because a tailor creates a suit made to your exact measurements. You won't have to worry about a suit jacket that doesn't completely button over your stomach. Even if you can't afford a bespoke suit, you should invest in one good suit over two cheap ones. A well-tailored suit is very flattering and goes a long way toward making a great impression.
  • Wear clothes that fit: This may seem obvious, but to many men, it isn't. They think that wearing baggy clothes takes focus away from their body and this just isn't so. Baggy clothing makes you look bigger. Instead, when shopping for the most flattering fashions for heavy set men, choose clothes that actually fit you without being tight. Your slacks should fit comfortably in the rise and your shirts shouldn't be roomy. When you wear clothes that fit your body's silhouette, you don't add pounds.
  • Wear slacks past your ankle: Anyone can appear taller by wearing pants that fall past their ankles. For men, a natural break should be created at the top of your foot arch. If you pair shoes in a similar color to your slacks, you elongate your line even more.

Smart Shopping

Many guys would rather do anything than shop, but it's important for you to buy the clothes that will make the most of your height and body type. Once you figure out what to look for when shopping, you can bypass anything that won't work and focus on the right garments. You can even consult an expert in clothing for short men if you need personal advice or more information on fashion guidelines for short heavy men. When you learn which styles can help slenderize and elongate you, you'll be on the way to a more streamlined, well-defined wardrobe, which will help you make the best first (or last!) impression everywhere you go.

Fashion Guidelines for Short Heavy Men