Find Work Clothes for Plus Size Men

A proper fit is a workplace essential.

If you wish to find work clothes for plus size men, you're in luck: There are more options available today than ever before. No matter what you're looking for, your ultimate goal should always be to search out the most flattering, well fitting clothes possible. Since the selection is so great, choosing those pieces should prove an easy task!

Styling Tips for the Plus Size Man

The desire to appear slimmer is something many plus size men can relate to. The downside is that many also don't know how to go about this. Some individuals tend to favor excessively baggy clothes, which are easily the biggest no-nos in the closet. That's because they tend to add excess bulk to the body, as opposed to camouflaging it. Likewise, snug or tight clothes are also bad choices because they are uncomfortable and call attention to a large shape in general.

The key is to choose each piece wisely. Clothes should skim the body without hugging it or floating loosely over it. Cuts should be flattering to the figure, so as to avoid calling undue attention to trouble spots, whether a large stomach, wide hips or broad thighs. This is important in all cases, but is especially crucial when selecting a work wardrobe. Since opportunities to make a strong and positive impression arise daily in the workplace, it's important to present yourself in the best light possible. This equates to proper grooming and a smart, flattering ensemble that appears pulled together and professional.

How to Find Work Clothes for Plus Size Men

Start by shopping the basics. There are obviously some essentials that every man needs for the office environment, including shirts, slacks and blazers. Again, it's important to focus on fit above anything else, but another area to pay attention to is color. Bear in mind that light hues tend to call attention to heavier figures, while dark colors are universally slimming. Try to stick to darker colors, but don't shy away from light accent pieces, or even lighter tops if they are worn beneath a dark blazer.

The Perfect Blazer

Blazers are workplace essentials! Sharp and clean cut, the blazer lends a strongly professional finish to any ensemble. The great thing about them is that they're extremely versatile, so it's not just at the office where your blazer will see the light of day. They're also perfect to wear to formal events and weddings, and they can even be thrown on with a pair of jeans for the ideal dressy-casual look.

When shopping for your blazer, steer clear of double-breasted styles, which add bulk to the upper body. Instead, look for fitted, single-breasted styles with buttons that extend high up. It's important to seek a blazer that is truly cut well; you might even consider having one custom made if you can't find something appropriate in stores. Well-tailored styles are impeccable and flawless, and the perfect blazer should skim your figure instead of lending your upper body a sloppy appearance.

Shirt Shopping

As with blazers, your dress shirts should fall over your body just right. You shouldn't have to tug at the buttons or re-tuck it into your trousers; it should be the right size and length for your body type. Stick with light fabrics that keep you cool and eliminate the chance of showing excess volume, and opt for V-neck styles to call attention to the chest and away from thick necks. Steer clear of crew necks and large collars, which instantly draw the eye upward to a large neck.

Finding Pants

Pants may pose the biggest problem of all, if only because there are so many styles available. It can be difficult to determine which ones will look best. Bear in mind that just because a certain style may be available in your size doesn't necessarily mean it is made for a plus size individual. It may not respect the shape with regard to cut or color. Simply put, trousers for plus size men should not be baggy - or tight, of course. Opt for a straight or slightly flared cut to elongate the legs, which will create the illusion of allover slimness. Avoid wearing pleats, as these call attention to a large stomach. Many designers offer pants with relaxed, hidden waists that stretch for comfort.

Where to Shop

Fortunately, there are plenty of places to find work clothes for plus size men. Great professional choices are available at these stores:

  • King Size Direct: If you've already tried on a few styles and know your sizes accurately, you can shop securely from this store packed with options for big or tall men. Since prices are so reasonable, this is a great place to stock up on seasonal essentials, like sweaters, as well as dress shirts and pants.
  • Men's Wearhouse: One of the best places to go for almost all men's apparel needs, Men's Wearhouse stores have expert tailors in store all day. They will help you find the absolute perfect fit for your figure, choose the most flattering cuts and colors and make a choice that best suits your budget.
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Find Work Clothes for Plus Size Men