Flannel Lined Slacks


There aren't too many options for your legs when it's cold outside, but flannel lined slacks work well for staying warm without too much bulk.

About Flannel Lined Slacks

Flannel lined pants are one way to stay warm when it's cold outside without adding a lot of bulk to your legs with other layers. You can get them in styles that take you to the office or styles that make you more comfortable during late fall outings, like football games. If you have a job that has you spending a lot of time outdoors, you'll love the options available for work pants because you'll stay warm without constricting movement or putting yourself in danger with layers or long coats. They're usually designed for comfort, though some are much more casual than others.

The price for this type of pants varies greatly, from as low as $9.99 to close to $60.00, so almost any budget can make room for a pair.

Where to Find Yours

It may be somewhat challenging to find flannel lined pants, especially during certain times of year. Online shopping can save the day, especially if you're hoping to get your cold weather wardrobe jump-started before the temperature drops.

  • Super Casuals has Dickies Flannel Lined Twill Work Pants for men. You'll only pay $29.99 there (they advertise that the regular retail cost is $41.00). They're only available in navy blue, but since it's a versatile color it shouldn't hinder your choices too much. They'll go with almost anything. If you want a full uniform, check out the Dickies 1574 short sleeve shirt or the 574 long sleeve work shirts. These pants are insulated, have a permanent crease, and even come with Scotchgard Stain Release. They have a flat front and come in classic fit.
  • Carhartt is another brand to look into for your flannel lined items. You'll get the rundown on everything flannel lined that they have in stock by simply putting "flannel lined" into the search box. Expect to pay between $50.00 and $55.00 for a pair of their flannel lined dungarees. Two noteworthy Carhartt styles are the Straight Leg/Flannel jeans and the Men's Washed Duck Dungaree/Flannel Lined.
  • You can also check Woolrich's selection on Amazon.com for flannel lined apparel. Their Flannel Lined Cotton Twill Chinos will cost about $63.00 and are available in two colors: Loden and Khaki. Sizes range from 30W x 32L to 44W x 34L. For those who don't like dry cleaning, you'll be relieved that these are machine washable.
  • Blair.com has Scandia Woods Flannel Lined Slacks for men from $29.99 to $35.99. You can get them in Bleach or Stonewash denim or Black or Khaki twill. They're designed with comfort in mind, featuring a full drawstring waistband and relaxed fit. Waist sizes available range from 30 to 48 and inseam lengths are from 28 to 32.
  • Haband.com has flannel lined dress cords up for grabs in Grey, Navy, Olive, and Tan. Choose from waist sizes from 32 to 50 and inseams from extra-small to large. On clearance, you could snatch up a pair for just $9.99.

A Final Word

If you're looking for something that will keep your legs warm in the winter but don't enjoy the idea of wearing tights or long johns designed for men, or you just don't care for the bulk of an extra layer, try flannel lined slacks. While they're available in traditional chinos, don't neglect the work pants for those outdoor projects that still need to be taken care of even when the temperature is well below comfortably cool.

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Flannel Lined Slacks