Funny Neckties

Funny Neckties for Men

Men can show off their humorous side by wearing a funny necktie. Try a tie with a fun design the next time you want to add a silly touch to your work attire.

Ties come in a wide range of colors and designs so choose one that reflects the mood you want to display.

After all, wearing a tie does not always have to be a serious affair.

Tis the Season

Wear a festive tie during the holiday season. Try one adorned with Santa or candy canes during Christmas and one with hearts for Valentine's Day.

Novelty Wear

Gold sequins adorn this bow tie. The color and fabric used for this tie gives it a humorous touch and will add to the festivities no matter where you wear it.

A look like this is perfect for New Year's Eve.

Bold Colors

If you are a guy who wears solid colors and doesn't like to attract attention, surprise those around you by wearing a tie with bold colors and a floral design.

You will be sure to be the talk of the office by wearing something unexpected.

Show Your Green

St. Patrick's Day is the perfect opportunity to show off your green. A green bow tie adds a special touch and will complete your Irish look.

When to Wear

Neckties can be an accessory that is fun and playful. Ties come in a range of styles and can be the focal point of your attire.

Remember, however, that job interviews or important business meetings are not times when a funny tie would be appropriate. Stick to solid colors and save the fun prints for another time.

For more necktie images, check out the Designer Necktie slideshow!

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Funny Neckties