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A guide for men, clothes by body shape included, can be a real help when its time to go shopping!

A Guide For Men: Clothes by Body Shape

A men's guide for clothing by body shape has been sorely lacking. Much of the fashion world is geared towards women, so much so in fact, that fashion is one of the rare industries where women tend to make more money than men.

While that may be great for the ladies, this disparity often leaves men out of the fashion loop, and unsure of how to dress for their body type. The following guidelines should help:

For Heavyset Body Types

If you tend to be on the heavier side, it can be a little confusing when it's time to get dressed. You may feel unsure about what to wear, and whether or not if what you choose will look good. Here are some good rules of thumb:

  • No to Horizontal Stripes: You may have heard this one before, but for those a bit heavier, it bears repeating - stay away from horizontal stripes. All these stripes serve to do is widen the body and make you look heavier. Instead, opt for vertical stripes since these tend to elongate the body, hence, making you appear slimmer.
  • Wear the Correct Size: A lot of men wear larger size clothing because they think it will help them look slimmer, when in fact; all it really does is make them look a bit larger. This is one of the key reasons why you should always buy clothes in a size that fits; don't go smaller, and don't go larger.
  • Color: Darker colors tend to slim the body down, while lighter colors expand it. If you aren't a big fan of the color black, try dressing within the same color family. For example, if you happen to be wearing the color brown, mix things up by wearing various shades of the brown color family like that of gold, beige and caramel.

For Tall and Slim Body Types

Men who are tall and slim usually want clothing that helps them appear more substantial. You can achieve the illusion of being heavier by:

  • Wearing Light Colors: Light colors will help you appear larger, so feel free to dress in bright shades. Bright blues, greens and even yellows will look great on your frame.
  • No Monochrome Looks: Speaking of color, remember to stay away from the darker colors as they'll make you appear slimmer. By that same token, say no to monochrome looks. In other words, don't dress in the same color from heat to toe.
  • Horizontal Stripes: Those that are genetically blessed with a height advantage can most certainly wear horizontal stripes, and because horizontal stripes tend to look so good on them, should take full advantage of this design. The horizontal strip pattern will help you appear wide, thus cutting down some of your height.

For Shorter Body Types

If you are shorter, try:

  • Going Vertical: Take a cue from your heavier friends and try vertical stripes as they will help you appear taller.
  • Go Lean: Avoid clothing that "cuts" the body in half and instead reach for clothes that create a long, lithe line. If possible, try not to tuck your shirt in, and if you work in an office, try switching to a sweater vest to create the illusion of an elongated body.
  • A Word on Ties: If you must wear a tie to work, opt for the slimmer ones (as opposed to the wider ties). This too will help create the illusion of height.

Where to Shop

It can be difficult to shop for clothes suited to your exact body shape but these online shopping sites may help:

  • Big Men: Whether you are big and tall, or big and of average height, you'll appreciate the large selection of items offered at Big
  • Tall Men: Did you know that Macy's has a tall section? Well, they do and visiting this section is a terrific way to find clothing styles that are geared toward your unique body type.

Putting It All Together

A guide for men, clothes by body shape and all can be an invaluable source when it's time to go shopping. To be sure, you should always choose clothes that you feel great in, but if you are ever torn between two specific outfits, then let the tips above help you break the tie!

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