Haggar Slacks

Haggar Pleated Slacks

Haggar slacks are a popular clothing brand and mainstay of the men's fashion world.

About Haggar Slacks

Haggar was founded in 1926, in Dallas Texas by J.M. Haggar Sr. It was officially called the Hagger Clothing Co. and the goal at the time, as it is today, was to provide quality apparel, for the working man, at an affordable price.

Eighty years later, Haggar offers it's Q Promise, an emblem placed on the inside of all of the company's clothing, to represent superior quality. Perhaps it is because of this commitment to quality that the company continues to be popular, even eighty years after its founding.

The Different Styles

Haggar slacks come in many different styles, including:

  • The Suit Up System: The Haggar Suit Up System refers to the professional apparel that the company offers. The system is designed so that one can wear them paired together, or separately, but each pant is fashioned to fit right into the professional world.
  • The Cool 18 Pant: True to its name, this pant keeps the wearer cool and dry and because it also comes with an expandable waist, is perfect for weekend outings.
  • Work to Weekend Khaki: Flexible enough for the weekend, and professional enough to wear to work, the Work to Weekend Khaki was made for casual Fridays. Whether you need to run to the airport for a quick jaunt or are meeting friends for afternoon cocktails, this pant fits in seamlessly.

Where to Shop

You have several choices when it comes to purchasing your Haggar slacks. To that end, try visiting some of these online shopping sites:

JC Penney

JC Penney offers several of the different styles of Haggar pants. There you can find the:

  • Haggar Plain Front Look Sharp No Iron Pants: Designed to resist creases, once you remove these pants form the dryer, there's no need to iron; literally a wash and go look. In addition to this feature, you'll also find that this pant has an Invisible Flex Waist that is designed to provide extra comfort and a classic fit that sits at the waist.
  • Haggar Ccomfort Luxe Pleated Gabardine Dress Pant: Perhaps the most amazing feature of these slacks is that it comes with a Quality for Life seal. What this means is that the buttons on the slacks won't come off and neither will the zippers or seams. This hemmed pair of slacks is also available in a wrinkle-resistant finish.
  • Haggar Pleated Work to Weekend No Iron Pants: As the name suggests, and similar to the Plain Front Look Sharp style, you won't have to iron these pants. Additionally, the Maximum Comfort Waistband gives up to three inches of extra room, so you don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable after large meals.


Kohl's also has a tremendous collection of various Haggar pants in a wide variety of colors. The prices here vary from $29.99 to $32.99, but all in all, it's quite affordable.

Some of the styles available here are the Haggar Gray Tic-Weave Suit and the Haggar Crossfront Flat Front. With the Gray Tic Weave, expect a pant that, thanks in large part to its woven, textured material, provides a sophisticated finish. Note that this is a pleated pant with an expandable waistband. On the other hand, Cross Front Flat Front is not textured, but instead offers a smooth finish for a refined look.

Dick Anthony LTD

Finally, you can also visit Dick Anthony LTD, where you won't want for a variety of styles. Shop this site if you like detailed descriptions of the pants you are buying, as well as a large selection of sizes.

Additionally, the site is also very helpful because it provides all the different Haggar looks side by side, making it easier for the consumer to compare and contrast different looks.

Putting It All Together

All in all, Haggar is a terrific option when it comes to finding slacks that are both play and work appropriate. Coupled with their large selection of styles and affordable prices, this is one look that's tough to beat.

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