Finding Hawaiian Cowboy Shirts

Hawaiian Cowboy Shirts

They may be few and far between, but Hawaiian cowboy shirts aren't exactly anomalies either. In fact, there's a market out there for them, and some designers are delivering big time.

Styles of Hawaiian Cowboy Shirts

Consider yourself lucky if you prefer some variety while shopping. Cowboy shirts designed with a Hawaiian twist are available in many different styles. For the most authentic take on the traditional, you'll want to seek out cowboy shirts with such true-to-life details as snap pockets and appliquéd yokes. In the case of the Hawaiian-style cowboy shirt, the yoke will likely be embellished with a tropical print of some sort.

Another style that offers a completely different take on the look is a simple button down shirt bearing an allover print inspired by cowboy culture. Granted, a shirt that does not meet the basic design techniques of a traditional cowboy shirt may not be considered "authentic" by enthusiasts, but this particular shirt is otherwise quite a playful choice. Prints may include anything from cowboy hats to cowgirls, illustrated atop the shirt's extra-vibrant background.

Where to Purchase

Unfortunately, Hawaiian cowboy shirts aren't very easy to track down. The good news is that they are available; it just takes a little determination. Here are a few places to get started, no matter what type of shirt you're interested in purchasing.

  • Avanti Shirts specializes in vibrantly patterned Hawaiian shirts for men (and women!). You'll find everything from elegant silk varieties to retro styles, which are perfect for avid collectors. Their Hawaiian cowboy shirts are the epitome of traditional: They resemble the traditional cowboy shirt, with its colorfully printed yoke and stonewashed denim-like appearance (despite that, they are made of Fuji silk). The yokes bear vintage replica prints from the 1950s, giving them an especially realistic appearance. Expect to pay around $105 for these shirts. Items may be exchanged or returned within 30 days.
  • offers a few varieties of western shirts decorated with Hawaiian-themed prints. Designed by Rockmount, these tops boast diamond snaps and are made with 100 percent cotton for everyday comfort. The print depicts cowboys riding horses on the beach, interspersed with images of palm trees, horseshoes, islands and words like "beach" and "ranch." The shirt is priced at just under $40. If you don't love it, you have 30 days to arrange an exchange or return.
  • Cattle Kate is a great source of authentic western wear, but they also offer a variety of more playful styles. The Buckaroo Gal and Buckaroo Saddle Shirt are modeled after the traditional Hawaiian shirt, and bear vibrant patterns reminiscent of cowboys (think horseshoes, saddles and cowboy hats). The shirts are under $90 and may be returned within 30 days.

How to Wear Them

You may not be an actual Hawaiian cowboy, but you can still sport that shirt with aplomb! If you're wearing one of the authentic styles, pair it with rugged jeans and boots for a great outdoorsy look. On the other hand, the playfully printed styles will make a great addition to your summer downtime wardrobe. Throw it on with a pair of baggy shorts and sandals and you're ready for the day.

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Finding Hawaiian Cowboy Shirts