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It's easy to get revved up about Hein Gericke motorcycle clothing.

History of the Brand

Hein Gericke was a German biker who opened a motorcycle shop in Dusseldorf in the 1970s. In just a few years his store became the largest motorcycle dealership in Germany. Over the next ten years he expanded the store to include clothing and accessories for bikers, started a mail order business, and opened stores all across the country.

Before selling the business in 1987, Hein Gericke had expanded into Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam and Belgium, included a BMW clothing line, and developed the HIPROTEC® armour system, for shoulders, elbows and hips. When HIPROTEC was first introduced it was named Motor Cycle News Product of the Year.

Today, Hein Gericke motorcycle clothing is sold exclusively in bike stores across more than ten countries including the United States, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom. In addition to HIPROTEC, the company also uses GORE-TEX, a high performance fabric that offers superior wicking in its clothing. Hein Gericke developed a reputation for developing and selling high performance clothing for bikers.

Top Quality

Hein Gericke motorcycle clothing has a loyal following among serious bike aficionados. The company makes racing suits, jackets, pants, boots and gloves. The brand stands for exciting designs, superior construction and outstanding performance.

Exciting Designs

From a design standpoint, Hein Gericke clothes have a streamlined, almost futuristic look. While the collection does feature some bold reds and flashy white racer stripes, most items come in strong blacks, browns and olives. Lots of zippers and high-quality leather give the items a tough, rugged look. The jackets are a great style statement even for people who may never ride, or even sit, on a motorcycle.

Superior Construction

Hein Gericke is even better known for its construction than it is for its aesthetics. All items in the collection are CE-certified for transportation. CE-certification is a European quality certification that is being used more frequently in the United States.

From a safety standpoint, the clothes are constructed with Core-Comp Armor, a lining of compressed polystyrene pellets that provide a cushion during impact. The company also uses EVA foam for added shock resistance. Leather-Tex technology gives the garments excellent abrasion protection while still allowing them to be comfortable and flexible.

For quality reasons, Hein Gerick clothing is made with the strongest nylon thread available to strengthen seams on all of its clothing and the company skives its leather, a process that shaves the raw edges so that seams lay flat.

Outstanding Performance

In addition to construction, Hein Gericke also sets the standard for performance in bike wear. All items are made with 3M Scotchlite reflective materials for maximum visibility. Continuing its tradition of using the best technology on the market, the company works with abrasion resistant materials from Koslan, Cordura® and Dynax.

To keep bikers warm and dry, Hein Gericke uses removable liners in its jackets and pants. This way, riders can add layers for cold weather but not overheat in the warmer temperatures. In addition, it uses Sheltex, a waterproof membrane in its jackets, to keep riders dry in rain and snow.

The Hein Gericke company understands how important it is that bikers are comfortable when they ride. To this end, the company has built-in ventilation systems in the wrists and torsos of all of their jackets.

Popularity of Hein Gericke Motorcycle Clothing

Hein Gericke clothing enjoys an almost cult-like following due to its style and performance. It is also popular among celebrities and has been spotted on actor Wilmer Valderramma and dancer Chris Judd.

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