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Help for Men without Fashion Knowledge

Crystal Schwanke
man shopping

There is help for men without fashion knowledge. Even if you feel confused about what to wear to an important event or you're trying to impress someone, there is no need to worry.

That Special Event

There is a lot of confusion about what certain occasions require, even when the invitation states something like "Business Casual Attire." This is often one of the places help for men without fashion knowledge is most needed.

An Interview

Unless you're seeking a job in a highly creative field, err on the side of caution here with a suit in navy, charcoal gray, or black with a button-up shirt and conservative tie. Get assistance while shopping for your suit. It is imperative that your interview suit be well-fitted.

Informal or Casual

Informal or casual clothes are what you wear when your time is your own, especially during your high school and college years. Jeans, t-shirts, khakis, and shorts are included. If you're going to a group function and you've been informed that the dress code is "casual," you will probably want to leave your favorite pair of worn out jeans at home and opt for one of the nicer choices, like khakis and a polo or t-shirt.

In the business world, "casual" often equates to "business casual" and calls for a nice polo and slacks at a minimum. If you're going to a business event and the dress code is casual, it will not be wise to show up in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Business Casual

Business casual will vary based on the company you work for. The safest bet is to observe your co-workers from the safety of a button-up shirt, tie (usually optional), and slacks at first. Later, you may find that it is acceptable to wear a nice polo or button-up with slacks instead of a shirt and tie.

Business Dress

This is where the suit, tie, and button-up shirts come in, especially in conservative fields. You may be able to skip the coat in some offices, but it's always wise to dress up too much than to show up in something more casual than what your co-workers are wearing.

Formal or Black Tie

Who doesn't love a tux? Unless you go to several formal events per year, you'll probably just rent a tuxedo when the need arises. That makes it easier to follow trends if they flatter your body type because there is a minimal investment.

That Special Someone

If you're trying to impress a special someone with your attire, try to do so within the limits of your own personal style. Don't dress for them; dress for yourself in what makes you feel most comfortable. The confidence you gain will do much more to attract others than the clothing will.

Choosing Your Own Style

So how do you go about selecting your own style? A large portion of that comes from what looks good on your body type. In addition, you'll need to consider your lifestyle. Keep in mind that there are stores that cater specifically to the different body types, such as big and tall, so if you're not the "average" height and weight, don't worry!

Observe what other people with your body type wear to more objectively decide what works and what doesn't and don't be afraid to ask your friends or salespeople for their opinions. While you are free to wear what you like during your time off, you may have little leeway when it comes to what you can wear to work or school. Keep those guidelines in mind when you shop for wardrobe pieces. If you spend most of your time at work, you should consider buying more high-quality work items than the t-shirts and shorts you love to wear during your time off.

Miscellaneous Help for Men Without Fashion Knowledge

  • Don't wear socks with sandals.
  • Make sure your belt and shoes match-no black belts with brown shoes or vice-versa.
  • Get fitted for dress shirts and use those measurements. Choosing a smaller size than what you really need will not make you look more muscular. It might, however, make it very difficult to put on a tie.
  • Start with a solid "base" wardrobe and then add extra pieces as you go, considering any impending shifts in your wardrobe needs, such as starting a new job or moving to a new area of the country.
  • Skip trends that don't work for your body type. Opting for more classic pieces rather than trends will keep your look timeless and save money. Splurge on a few trendy pieces as you wish, but it's wise not to base your wardrobe on what's popular right now.
Help for Men without Fashion Knowledge