Hip Fashion for Big Guys

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Building a smart wardrobe of hip fashion for big guys isn't difficult if you know where to start. All body types should ideally adhere to certain cuts in order to best flatter their figures. Husky men can easily pull off a variety of fashionable clothes, so long as they are appropriately designed for the larger figure.

Outfit Ideas

If you're unsure as to exactly how to dress your large frame in a hip and trendy way, here are a few outfit suggestions that will have you looking your best.

  • Blazer/Jeans: This look is a modern way to wear a dressy casual or business casual look. Opt for darker colored blazers, or if you do opt for a lighter color, keep your denim dark. Jeans should be relaxed, but not too baggy, and top the ensemble off with a tailored button-down shirt.
  • Polo/Jeans: The best thing about a modern polo shirt is that there are many colors to choose from, which is a crucial detail when you want to look hip. If you decide that your polo should be on the lighter side, then keep your denim understated without any embellishments. Also, if you want to double up and wear a plain white polo underneath for a layering effect, it's more than welcome.
  • Relaxed Suit: Take a pair of trousers or cargo pants and pair them with a blazer that complements the color and style. Finish with a loafer, canvas or boat shoe and you have a great looking suit minus the fuss.

Wardrobe Staples


The key to pulling off a hip look is to successfully incorporate staple pieces and style them with a modern twist. A few staples that no modern man should be without include:

  • Sport shirts: Many reputed labels design a wide range of smart sport shirts. Choose from long and short sleeve versions in various colors and prints. Steer clear of very light or check prints, which can add bulk. Sport shirts are also good because they go well with everything from denim to tailored trousers.
  • Jeans: Opt for denim that sits just below the natural waist. A dark wash, such as black, adds a little modern edge, but a more practical shade for everyday, like blue-grey or a medium blue, is also a great choice. To add even more hip style to your denim, look for designs that have minimal embellishment and a worn-out look.
  • Sweaters: V-neck sweaters are not only stylish, they also draw attention away from a round face or double chin, drawing attention instead toward the chest. Rotate colors by season to keep it consistently hip - plum and red are great during the winter, while light gray and blue shades reign supreme during the spring. If you like prints, stick with vertical stripes or a vertical line down one side of the sweater.

The beauty of men's fashion is that there are so many styling opportunities present - mixing a trend with a classic, for example, instantly creates a fresh, current look. The best part about this is that flattering classics are always viable.

The Dos and Don'ts

Men's Fashion

As with any other body type, large figures look their best in certain cuts, fabrics and even prints and colors. Once you've narrowed things down and determined what to steer clear of and what is safe to fill your closet with, you can easily begin to build a hip wardrobe right in line with today's trends. To that end, ensure that you shop wisely by following these simple tips:


Fit is crucial. It may sound like common sense, but many men simply don't wear clothes that fit them properly. Anything that is too tight will call attention to areas that could otherwise be well concealed with the right garment. Tight clothes will not only accentuate heaviness, they will likely also cause discomfort. Note that fit applies to clothes that are too tight or too loose - the latter can easily create the illusion of an even larger figure.

Trousers, believe it or not, should not be ultra-baggy. Instead, opt for pairs that are cut slightly trim and straight. Pleating on pants can prove to be anything but hip, but you can wear your denim or trousers with a crisp crease down the front for a look that's equally polished and modern.


Patterns can certainly be hip, but they are tricky for the full-figured man. The best way to give this a modern look that's flattering, opt for a print/pattern that is in a specific area instead of all over.


Color is extremely important. It's a well-known fashion fact that darker colors are slimming, but big guys can incorporate a little bold color as well. Do this in a hip way by choosing the area where you want to show color. You could choose to showcase it at the top, bottom or through accessories.

Popular Brands for Larger Guys

Men's Fashion

If you're on a mission to hunt down hip fashion, you won't have to look far. Today, many stores cater to men of all sizes, and most retailers have a section devoted specifically to large men. You can find stylish clothing at well-known department stores, online boutiques and retail chains.

  • Men's Warehouse: A men's retailer that is known for stocking a large selection of big and tall clothing from popular designers. Expect to find suits and casual wear here.
  • Ralph Lauren: One of the most popular designers in the world, also has an impressive stock of clothing for larger men. The classic Polo shirts are available, as well as collared shirts and trousers.
  • Perry Ellis: Known for their suits and casual wear, big and tall men should have no problem finding stylish clothing to fit their frames.
  • Alfani: Sold exclusively in Macy's department stores, the Alfani brand is reasonably priced and offer are wide range of sizes in suits, trousers, shorts and shirts.
  • Izod: The casual wear from this brand is equally classic and trendy. Whether you opt for cargo pants, dress shirts or slacks, your big frame will look great.
  • Nautica: The nautical theme of this brand is a classic staple in menswear. The color palette is often muted, but the sizing is impressive.
  • Sean John: Music mogul Sean Combs' clothing line is the definition of hip and trendy. The majority of the fashions you will find will often be worn by some of hip hop's and R&B's elite. The sizing is arguably the best around for big and tall.

Tracking Trends

If you're a total slave to fashion, you certainly don't have to avoid runway looks just because of your size. Instead, accessorize your well-fitting ensembles with certain elements of current trends. You may not be able to pull off azure pants, but you can easily wear a cardigan in this shade over a neutral sport shirt. If 70s-inspired styles make an appearance again, you can easily pair a three-piece suit with a sharply pointed collar - this is always flattering on a large figure because it pulls attention toward the chest area.

Clearly, there are opportunities aplenty to take advantage of current trends without swallowing them whole. The good news is that this will allow you to create a workable, practical wardrobe for everyday use, with a few hipper-than-usual items thrown in for good measure.

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