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Hip hop tall tees may be hard to come by, but you can find anything online. These are for the hip hop lovers who stand above average height. You can choose from logo tees, airbrushed art portraying any hip hop artist you'd like, or just tees with text on the front or back. In some cases, you can even have the online store email you when a tee you like is back in stock. Also, don't forget that hip hop tees don't have to be short-sleeved; if you want long sleeves, those types of tees are available as well-yes, even in tall sizes.

Finding Hip Hop Tall Tees

You could check around for specialty stores or the mall stores that carry hip hop menswear in your area, but big and tall men's stores typically don't cater to any specific "style", like hip hop, and instead tend to shoot for middle-of-the-road clothing (even T-shirts) that anyone can wear. Some hip hop stores may carry a few tall sizes, but there is potentially a lot of footwork involved there. So where do you shop if you're really into the hip hop look? Try the following spots online:

  • Thug Fashion: Once you're in the men's T-shirts category, you can click on the drop-down menu and select "Hip Hop" from the category of shirt you're looking for. You can also choose "Tall" from the style of shirt you're looking for. You have the option to narrow down your selection by sleeve length and the shirt color you desire. A few of the designs available here include:
    • Addicted to Life, available for $29.99 in most sizes (some tall sizes require an additional fee), is made from 100 percent cotton.
    • Absolut Pimp is a similarly priced tee that comes in black or white. It is made from 100 percent cotton, as well.
    • Hood Rich is also $29.99 and 100 percent cotton. It is white with black text and features a crown as the dot on the lower-case "i" in Rich.
    • Aftermath Entertainment also comes in your choice of black or white and costs $29.99. It is 100 percent cotton.

Thug Fashion has gift certificates available from $25.00 to $200.00, so if you're looking for the perfect gift for a hip hop fan, check here.

  • Dr. Jay's: This site has reasonably priced hip hop tees in tall sizes like:
    • Southpole Like Money, a crewneck that is available in black and features metallic and textured accents.
    • Akademiks Crest Tee, which is available in black or white and features a large screenprint image on the front. This is also a crewneck tee.
    • Southpole Perfection Tee, which comes in white and features a metallic skull on the front.
  • Urban Streetz: These guys can do just about anything with a T-shirt. If you have a favorite hip hop star you'd like on a tee, contact them and they can airbrush them onto a shirt for you. In addition, they have an Elements of Hip Hop section with a few styles to choose from. These are Urban Streetz exclusives. Pricing runs about $59.99 per airbrushed shirt.
  • Moose Shirts: This site has a selection of hip hop tall tees like the Death Row Records' History of Hip Hop shirt that features Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, and Tupac. At this site, if they're out of the size you need, you can choose to have them email you when they are back in stock so you don't miss out on the tees you want.

The Bottom Line

You can buy ready-made hip hop tall tees or even have them custom made with airbrushed images on the front and/or back. You don't have to wear "boring" tee shirts just because you're tall. If your local hip hop clothing store doesn't carry what you need, check the links above for the styles you love in a comfortable fit for your height.

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