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Deciding how to find the perfect men's shirt can be a challenge. After all, every man has a different idea of the ideal shirt and there are thousands of brands, styles, fabrics and stores to choose from. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips for how to find the perfect men's shirt that can provide you with a good starting point for your shopping endeavor.

How to Find the Perfect Men's Shirt

There are many steps involved in learning how to find the perfect men's shirt. First, you have to decide just what kind of shirt you are looking for. The perfect men's shirt may be casual or formal, depending on what occasion you are shopping for and whether the wearer enjoys dressing up or dressing down.

Finding the Perfect Dress Shirt

For many, the perfect men's shirt is a collared shirt with a full-length button down opening from the hem of the shirt to the collar. These dress shirts usually- but not always- have cuffed sleeves which may or may not be able to accommodate cufflinks.

Often, these dress shirts are worn with a suit and tie ensemble for polished work attire or a no-fail formal get-up. They can also be dressed down, paired with jeans or khakis for semi-casual partying.


Once you've selected a dress shirt as your ideal style, you have to make a decision on color.

  • You can go traditional with light blue or white with a standard collar for going to the office or any business setting.
  • If the perfect shirt is meant to be formal attire, opt for solid colors.
  • If you're feeling a little bit more adventurous, you can pick brighter colors, stripes, and patterns.
  • For a trendier look, pick out a spread collar at the bottom.


Fabric is also a key component of your dress shirt. Fabric can affect the way the shirt looks and feels and can play a big role in shaping your first impression of the shirt. Common men's shirts fabrics include Poplin, Oxford, Twill, Broadcloth, Dacron, Polyester, and Rayon.

  • Poplin is made of 100% cotton. It is smooth and versatile. Its weight varies so it can be used for a dress shirt worn during the summer or the winter.
  • Oxford is a popular choice of fabric for dress shirts. It is soft and has larger weaving.
  • Slightly heavier than Poplin, Twill has diagonal weaving that can be worn for casual or formal attires.
  • Broadcloth is the heaviest among all fabrics. It can be smooth or may also have a twilled texture. It makes a very durable fabric for dress shirts.
  • Dacron, polyester, and rayon are the least costly of all fabrics but can be uncomfortable to wear since they don't breathe well as compared to other types of fabrics.


Brand is another factor in finding your ideal dress shirt. Some men prefer a brand name that says something about who they are as a fashionable male. For example, Ralph Lauren may represent classic taste, while Abercrombie is youthful and preppy, Armani is elegance and Versace is cutting edge. Think about the reputation of a designer before you select a shirt from that store, because labels can and do make a difference in your attitude towards the perfect shirt.


Finally, fit is key. If you can get a custom-made dress shirt, that is often the best choice. The shirt can then be measured to fit your individual frame. If this is out of your price range or you prefer to buy off the rack, make sure the shirt fits snugly but not tightly. You do not want the sleeves to be too long, nor the neck to be too wide. A tailor can make minor alterations if you don't like the way an off-the-rack shirt fits, and in some stores, these alterations may even be included when you make a purchase.

Casual Shirts

If the casual men's dress shirt is more your thing, selecting the perfect shirt is easier. Simply find a material you like- preferably one that doesn't wrinkle- from a store that you enjoy shopping at. Make sure the shirt fits, and make your purchase.

Buying a Shirt

You should shop a few stores before selecting the perfect shirt. Consider all the factors presented here and carefully make your decision based on which shirt best matches your overall needs. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, taking the time to find the perfect shirt can be a great starting point for your wardrobe and can make a big difference in first impressions.

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How to Find the Perfect Mens Shirt