How to Roll Up a Dress Shirt Sleeve

rolling up sleeves

There are several ideas for how to roll up a dress shirt sleeve. Choose the one that best suits your style.

Dress Shirt Sleeves

Dress shirts are shirts with long sleeves that have cuffs. This type of shirt is worn for business and professional occasions. Dress shirts are most commonly worn buttoned-up and with a tie. They are a dressy option for men to wear with or without a jacket.

There are times that a man may want to wear a dress shirt but not be as dressy in doing so. When this is the case, rolling up the sleeves of a dress shirt and wearing the top button undone is an option. Dress shirt sleeves can be done to look neat and polished. If they are not rolled properly, the look can be messy and unpolished. Wearing the sleeves rolled up is appropriate for a casual work environment where a shirt and tie is not a requirement or is a great look for a night or dinner out. This look can be easily done for an after work function: just take off your tie and unbutton the top button of your shirt and roll up your sleeves.

Rolled sleeves on a shirt look great when worn with a pair of khakis or trousers. If you want, try it with a pair of dressy jeans for an edgier look. In the summer, a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves can be worn with a pair of dressy shorts and loafers.

How To Roll Up a Dress Shirt Sleeve

If you need to know how to roll up a dress shirt sleeve, there are several different methods depending on the type of shirt you will be using and the result you are wanting to achieve. It is always best to keep in mind that the look you want to achieve it neat and polished so always start with a freshly laundered and pressed dress shirt. Be sure that the sleeves are crisp and ironed. You will need to unbutton the buttons on your sleeves. Next, neatly being rolling up the sleeve starting at the cuff. Once or twice is usually enough, if not that most likely means that the dress shirt is in the wrong sleeve size. The end result should look neat. The sleeves can be left as is or can be pushed up for an even shorter look.

Some tips to keep in mind when rolling up your sleeves include:

  • Layering under a sweater and rolling the cuff over the end of the sweater sleeve once. This look is great for a business casual work environment.
  • Never roll sleeves when wearing a tie.
  • Only roll the sleeves to the forearm and never go up past the elbow.
  • Make sure that the sleeve does not bunch up and look sloppy. Repeat the process until you achieve your desired look. This may take a few trys.

End Notes

There are several reasons and ways to roll up a sleeve of a dress shirt. How to roll up a sleeve of a dress shirt depends on what shirt you are using and how you want the end result to look. The main goal of this look is to look polished and neat. Rolling up the sleeves does not mean looking sloppy. It is a fashionable alternative for a casual look that is both stylish and pulled together. Try it the next time you want to look relaxed yet still dressed up.

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How to Roll Up a Dress Shirt Sleeve