How to Tuck in a Dress Shirt

Practice makes your shirt look flawless!

Looking polished and presentable starts with knowing how to tuck in a dress shirt. This fundamental fashion skill will ensure that you're always on your fashion "A game," whether you're dressed to the nines for a black-tie function or just hoping to impress someone with your impeccable sense of style.

Why It Is Important

You're preparing for a big event. Perhaps it's a date with someone you've had your eye on for a while. Maybe it's a big job interview that you can't believe you've landed. It could be you're about to meet with your company's president for the first time. Whatever the case may be, how you look is a major part of determining the sort of impression you will make. Of course, your outfit of choice likely reflects the occasion: Chances are you're all set to make a statement with a pressed suit, a smart shirt and a crisp tie.

Sounds great, but there's more to it than that. Believe it or not, there is an actual method involved in tucking in your dress shirt properly. Knowing how to do this can mean the difference between looking suave and sloppy. If your main goal is to make a memorable, great impression, win half the battle easily simply by wearing a presentable outfit - and wearing it right.

Learn How to Tuck In a Dress Shirt

Who knew? Well, it actually makes sense that there is a proper way to tuck in a dress shirt. Think of those unfortunate occasions when your shirt has billowed unpleasantly at your side or bunched up uncomfortable in a way that makes your entire outfit suddenly seem awkward and messy. The good news is that learning how to tuck in a dress shirt is easy and doesn't add much time to your getting-ready routine. Here's how to add a polished finish to your look:

  1. Begin by standing with your legs slightly spread apart, pants unzipped and hanging at your hips.
  2. Button your shirt all the way and allow it to fall naturally flat, so that it is completely straight.
  3. Pull the shirt taut on the side and hold the extra material that gathers. Hold it in place and do the same with the other side. Your shirt should now appear snug against your body.
  4. Continue holding the shirt in place and pull your pants up so that they hold the folded material tightly in place. Button up your pants over your shirt.

That's it! Of course, a little practice is necessary to master this process, so don't be frustrated if the first few tries don't go exactly according to plan.

Things to Watch For

When you're tucking in your shirt the "right" way for the first time, you might experience a bit of bunching here and there simply because you find it difficult to hold on to both sides of the shirt. This isn't uncommon, but it helps to keep the pants low on the hips yet close within reach - the point is to make it easier for you to pull them up as soon as you've gathered the shirt's fabric on the sides.

One of the best ways to determine you've tucked your shirt in well - in addition to noting any bunching or billowing on the sides or back - is to check the alignment of the shirt's buttons. Ideally, they should fall right above the belt buckle and zipper of your pants.

Choosing Tailored Shirts

If you can't seem to master the shirt tucking process or simply don't want to deal with it on a regular basis, consider investing in a few tailored dress shirts. Crisp and smooth, a tailored dress shirt is essential to a man's wardrobe, whether he's a professional or not. From time to time, occasions may arise where such a garment is needed - in those cases, you may not want to spend time worrying about how to tuck in your shirt! Tailored shirts are designed to fit your body perfectly, so you won't experience the bunching associated with many store-bought varieties.

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How to Tuck in a Dress Shirt