How to Wear a Dress Shirt With No Tie

Wear a Dress Shirt With No Tie

Ever wonder how to pull off a dress shirt with no tie? Turns out, there's more than one way to do it. Each of these models wear their dress shirts sans tie without looking gimmicky or underdressed.

Better still? Each look is distinctive, which means that you get to impart your own natural style!

Suspenders Anyone?

Why wear a tie when you can stand out from the crowd in a pair of snappy suspenders? This look may have its roots in retro, but the overall effect is totally modern. Not to mention - suspenders will add instant polish to any shirt.

Shades of Blue

Another great way to add cohesiveness to your look without relying on a tie is to opt for various shades of the same color. A navy sport coat with an aqua dress shirt adds dimension and more than a hint of sophistication.

Layer Your Look

There's nothing quite as chic as a perfectly layered look, and dress shirts are the ideal layering piece. Toss a crewneck or v-neck sweater over your dress shirt, pop the collar, cuff the sleeves, and congratulate yourself on mastering an effortless, preppy-inspired look.

Sumptuous Colors

Not for the faint of heart, rich jewel tones will fast track you to extreme sophistication. High-end with a touch of whimsy, this look is worthy of street style stardom. Prepare to be noticed!

Collar Candy
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Just because you don't have on a tie doesn't mean your neck has to go bare! In fact, removing the tie allows for some seriously creative approaches to the dress shirt. Keep the rest of your look sleek and clean to let the collar details of this Givenchy shirt do all the talking.

Monochrome Man
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Why dress up like the rest of them? For a unique approach, try a monochrome look from head-to-toe. Perfect for a more formal event where you want to stand out, this look proves that sometimes, less is definitely more.

Dress Down Your Dress Shirt

Dress shirts aren't just for formal events. Take yours down a notch by leaving it mostly open, layered over a similar colored tank. Add a pair of shorts, and you've got one majorly elegant summer look.

Short Sleeved and Patterned

Short sleeves have never looked so stylish! Opt for a more fitted silhouette to keep it polished. If you really want to step it up, go for a printed shirt - just make sure to match one of the colors of the print to your trousers to tie the entire look together.

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How to Wear a Dress Shirt With No Tie