Irish Cable Knit Sweater

Lightweight Traditional Aran Wool Sweater from Aran Sweater Market
Traditional Aran Wool Sweater

You don't have to have roots in Erin to appreciate the joys of a cable knit sweater from Ireland. Also known as an Aran knit or a fisherman's sweater, these highly individualized garments are second to none in warmth and enduring rugged style.

Finding Irish Fisherman's Sweaters

For those outside of Ireland looking to purchase an authentic Irish cable knit sweater, shopping online will give you the best selection as well as convenience. You can find these sweaters at sites such as Aran Sweater Market and Aran Crafts.

Aran Sweater Market

Aran Sweater Market features a range of authentic fisherman's sweaters for men. This site carries styles for men in sizes X-Small to XXX-Large. You can find styles with crewnecks, turtlenecks, and half zip necklines as well as ones done in lightweight knits or heavier knits. All sweaters are made in Ireland and are crafted from 100 percent wool. Each sweater comes with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity. Some styles to check out include:

  • Traditional Aran Wool Sweater (pictured above): This lightweight sweater is done in a traditional style and features a crew neck. Color choices include charcoal grey, blackwatch, and Caspain blue, and it's made of 100 percent pure new wool. It is priced around $85 and comes in sizes X-Small to XXX-Large.
  • Aran Shawl Neck Sweater: This fisherman's sweater features a thick shawl neckline and is done in a relaxed style. It is available in white, stone, loden, and other colors, and it's priced around $235. This sweater comes in sizes S to XX-Large.

Shipping and Returns

Sweaters that are in stock will be shipped immediately. Normally, shipping to the U.S. takes between five and 10 working days.


Sweaters that do not fit properly can be exchanged for a refund free of charge. For items that you are not satisfied with, a refund will be issued minus the shipping fee. All returns and exchanges must be made within 21 days of receiving the item.

Aran Crafts

Aran Crafts Shawl Collar Sweater at
Aran Crafts Shawl Collar Sweater

At Aran Crafts, you find a great selection of sweaters for men. You can find styles with crewnecks, shawl collars and full zip fronts. Sizes available include X-Small to XX-Large. Most styles are priced around $100 and are made from 100 percent wool. Some sweaters to consider include:

  • Half Zip Aran Sweater: This comfortable wool sweater is done in a cable knit and features a half zip neckline with a leather pull. It is priced around $135 and comes in stylish colors such as oatmeal and charcoal. It is available in X-Small to XX-Large.
  • Aran Heavyweight Crew Neck Sweater: This sweater is done in a traditional style and is priced around $85. It is available in colors such as natural, charcoal and natural fleck. This style is ideal for cold days since it is constructed from three ends of wool. It is available in X-Small to XX-Large.


This retailer is based in Ireland ships to the US and Canada. Delivery charges are a flat rate of $35 regardless of the number of items you are ordering. Orders shipped to the US typically take between five and seven days from the date of shipment.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, it can be returned for a refund within seven days of receipt of the item.

Shopping for Sweaters in Ireland

If you are lucky enough to travel to Ireland, you will of course want to buy a genuine Irish cable knit sweater. One thing you should be aware of at the outset is that, depending on where you are in the country, it may not be called a sweater. The more common terms include jumper and pullover or cardigan (if you want a non-traditional button-down version).

Aran Islands Region

Aran Islands Knitwear Shawl Cardigan
Aran Islands Shawl Cardigan

One of the best places to shop for cable knit sweaters is the Aran Islands. There you will be sure to find sweaters that are either hand-knit or made on a hand loom. Some places to shop include:

  • An Púcán Craft Shop: This shop is a must for anyone visiting the Aran Islands. The shop is located off of the main road in Kilronan, Aran Islands. You will find hand-knitted Aran wool sweaters in a range of styles such as cardigan and pullover. In-store size selection varies and the shop is able to create custom sweaters in any size you choose. Prices vary according to the size and style of the sweater. Many styles are priced under $200.
  • Aran Islands Knitwear: This shop features sweaters and cardigans for men. It is family run and carries items that are unique and authentic. The shop is known locally as the Galway Woollen Market and is located at 21 High Street in Galway. Sweaters for men are available in sizes S to XXL. Most sweaters are priced under $150.

Dublin and Cork Regions

If you're just going to be in Dublin or Cork, you can get a hand-knit or loomed sweater at places such as:

Blarney Jamie Aran Crewneck
Blarney Jamie Aran Crewneck
  • Blarney Woollen Mills: This retailer has a store located in the Irish village of Blarney. This location is six miles from Cork City and ten miles from the Cork Airport. It is open Monday through Sunday until 6 p.m. At the store, you can find cable knit sweaters for men in a range of styles, varying from traditional crew necks to ones with hoods and styles with button-down fronts. Most are priced around $100. Sweaters are available in men's sizes S to XXL.
  • The Sweater Shop: This store is located in Dublin and is open Monday through Sunday, though hours of operation vary by day. The flagship store is called Trinity Sweaters and is located on Nassau Street in the heart of Dublin. At the store, you can find authentic Irish cable knit sweaters with half-zip necklines, crewnecks, shawl collars and polo necks. You can find both hand-knit and loomed styles that are priced under $200. Most styles are available in sizes S to XXL.

Wear With Pride

Whether you have Irish heritage or just love the look and feel of a fisherman's sweater, you will enjoy the comfort and warmth associated with this style. Since most of these sweaters are knitted by hand from the finest wools, you can wear your garment with pride for many years. Irish cable knit sweaters are a classic that will never go out of style.


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