Italian Style Men Coat

Italian style coats have a casual look that is always appealing.

Since the Italian police wear uniforms designed by Armani, it's hardly surprising that Italian style men's coats are much sought after around the world. They still compete with the British style, but the relaxed, distinctively Continental look has its own quality that always appeals.

History of Men's Italian Style Coats

Before the Second World War, the French were the dominant women's designers and the British held sway over the fashionable men of the world. By the 1950s, however, Italy was rising both economically and culturally, thanks mostly to the output of its film industry. While only a select few in the English-speaking world would go to see films like La Dolce Vita, images from the film made an instant impression. The dashing Marcello Mastrioianni looked so relaxed in his casual suit, complete with sunglasses and dangling cigarette, that the previous century's fascination with the Italian lifestyle (as exemplified in the film A Room With a View) was renewed with a vigor not seen since the 1920s.

Men liked the casual but still elegant style worn with such flair by the Italians. There was an individuality about the designs that appealed even to men who couldn't care less about clothes. This individuality and its appeal are still notable today.

Shopping for Italian Style Men's Coats

If you don't want to spend the money on a designer coat, you'll be pleased to know you can purchase Italian style men's coats that were indeed made in Italy from a few select Web sites as well as assorted brick-and-mortar shops. One advantage to the loose, unstructured design of the coats is that you can feel confident in shopping online because you don't have to worry about achieving a close fit. The basic shoulder, chest and sleeve measurements should be accurate enough to guarantee the coat looks good.

While you can't actually buy the clothes from the site itself, the men's fashion section on Life in Italy provides a lot of great information about the latest in good coats and jackets. The site reviews clothing, going into great detail and pointing out features that might make or break a coat for someone, including cost. It's a smart place to start before you think about buying.

If it's an Italian leather coat you want, go to Pierotucci, which sells handcrafted outerwear made in Florence. You can choose from the long Nappalan jacket with a detachable lining and zip and button closure, making it a warm choice on a windy day. There is also a reversible leather and suede car coat that comes in four colors and is made of soft, sleek lambskin. The site also features a number of jackets. The prices are in euros and are what you might expect for such quality work, but the items are well worth the investment.

If it's a designer name you're after, but want to keep the price on the lower side, look to Armani Exchange, which currently has such pieces as a three-quarter length wool overcoat in a slightly more tailored and slim fit; a moleskin peacoat; and a lightweight trench coat.

Custom Italian Coats

Italy is very much all about its tailors. They are considered some of the best in the world. Obviously, not everyone can go to Italy and have clothes custom tailored for them, but you can arrange to have clothes made for you via the Internet. There are dozens of Web sites offering quality services. If you choose to go this route, read as many customer reviews of the sites as you can before you commit yourself. You should also check your local area - you may find to your surprise that there is an Italian tailor there in town.

A custom coat will also be an investment, but there is nothing like choosing your own cut and fabric and having something designed just for you. You will feel very Italian!

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Italian Style Men Coat