Levi Action Slacks

Charcoal Action Slacks by Levi
Charcoal Action Slacks by Levi

Incredibly durable, Levi Action Slacks can go just about anywhere! Except, they have been discontinued by Levi. If you want to replace a beloved pair, you can still find them for sale on eBay!

What Makes Levi Action Slacks Special?

Are you wondering what makes these slacks special? Well, in a word, a lot! First, because these pants are made from a special, breathable material called Dacron TM Polyester, it's able to hold its shape.

This may not sound like much, but when you consider that this special material means little or no ironing, you quickly begin to realize that this pant may be worth its weight in gold! Another key feature is the hidden waistband that is specifically designed to move with the wearer providing plenty of "give". A flat front, zippered fly closure and slashed, angled front pockets complete this get-up-and-go look.

Make the Most of Your Purchase

If you are buying them at an online auction, you'll want to make the most of this purchase by considering the following guidelines:


Size is particularly important, especially when it comes to pants, but this doesn't mean that you can't order a pair from the comfort of your own home. However, doing so means having a tape measure handy! This is true even if you are convinced that your weight hasn't fluctuated since the last time you bought pants. Measuring the length, inseam and waist of your frame can help guarantee a good fit.


While it's true that pants today come in many different colors, it's always good to have a few "go-to" colors hanging in your closet. In this case, it means reaching for a pair of black and grey slacks. Of course, the odds are very good that you already have these colors in your wardrobe, but do you have them in pants that require no ironing and that come in a comfortable waist? Exactly.

Flat Front or Pleat?

Another point worth mentioning about this pair of Levi's is the "flat front" feature. This phrase literally means that the pant lies flat across the wearer's nether regions. However, note that this does not mean that these pants contain no pleats. On the contrary, pleats do run from the top of the wearer's thighs to the cuffs.

Putting It All Together

All in all, after evaluating several factors, including price, wear-ability and durability, it's easy to see why this pair of pants is still being sold even though it was discontinued. The fact that these slacks also need relatively little ironing only adds to its value. When you put all of these factors together, it really does seem that these might be a pair of pants worth owning.

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Levi Action Slacks