Lightweight Denim Mens Jeans

lightweight jeans

Lightweight denim men's jeans are the guys' godsend for those hot summer days when traditional blue jeans just feel too sticky and heavy.

The Purpose of Lightweight Denim Men's Jeans

Lightweight denim jeans are the perfect solution for a man who wants to dress in casual clothing during the warmer months of the year, but doesn't quite feel comfortable in shorts either for the occasion or just because he prefers not to wear them at all. The lightweight denim is available in most jeans styles, so even men with a particular blue jeans preference should be able to find something that makes them feel at ease.

Find a Pair…Or More

During summer months, it will probably be hard to put away lightweight denim men's jeans or slacks in lieu of the heavier, more traditional blue jeans. Once you find a single pair that fits the way you'd like and has the style you're used to, you may find yourself wanting to stock up. They come in a range of prices, so even if you can't afford multiple pairs of your favorite, you may be able to find something else that works almost as well for much less.'s Kani Life Virtue Jean is so lightweight, it feels like linen. Though these are relatively inexpensive at $43.20, they have to be dry cleaned, so take that into account when considering the price.

Saks Fifth Avenue's Tommy Bahama Lightweight Classic Jeans beg to be worn to a luau, a barbecue, or a summer festival. They look like regular blue jeans, so they can be paired with t-shirts, polos, or casual button-ups. They are machine washable.

Neiman Marcus' Naked and Famous WeirdGuy Indigo Lightweight Selvage Jeans are anything but weird. They do have a gray cast to them, which may make them trickier to wear, though.

Other places to check:

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Wearing Them

There's no special way to wear lightweight denim just because it's lightweight. As with the heavier blue jeans, what you pair them with depends more on their style than the thickness of the material. When you purchase a lightweight pair of traditional blue jeans that have a relaxed fit, wear them with anything-shirt tucked in or out-belt or skip it (do wear a belt if you're tucking in your shirt though!). If you want a pair of skinny jeans, wear a form-fitting, but not tight, shirt with a belt and high-top sneakers, like Converse sneakers.

As with most denim, you can wear any color on top, though very light or very dark shades of blue will look best with contrasting colors and blue jeans that have slightly "off" coloring, like gray, may look best with neutrals and light colors. However, if you're comfortable pairing a bold color with your new jeans, do it. If it's especially pleasing to your eye, it will most likely look fine to almost everyone else, too.

Just remember to ignore the fact that your jeans are lightweight and instead focus on their color and style when coming up with an ensemble. Later, remember they're lightweight when you're enjoying the summer weather and the fact that your jeans don't feel uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Lightweight denim men's jeans are great transitional pieces during spring and fall, as well as a perfect pick for summer. They can be worn with anything, so don't let the potentially unfamiliar description scare you off. What you wear them with is all about the cut of the jeans and the wash of the denim. Enjoy mixing up your wardrobe with fabrics that keep you cooler in the summer for those occasions when shorts won't work.

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Lightweight Denim Mens Jeans