Linen Shirts for Men

linen mens shirt

Linen shirts for men are both a lightweight and stylish option for warmer days.

Shopping Options

Many specialty men's stores and department stores, carry linen shirts during spring and summer. They can also be found in resort shops and online at various retailers. Check out the following brands and styles:

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama offers upscale and relaxed shirts for men made from high quality fabrics and done in the latest styles. The line has shirts perfect for the weekend, vacation or any time you want to look relaxed yet fashionable. Some styles to check out include:

  • Coastline Breezer Shirt is done in stripes of either Natural , Blue Steel or Julius. It is accented by solid color fabric on the inner cuffs. This shirt is made from 100 percent machine washable linen. It is a great choice to wear out on a date on a warm evening.
  • Linen Easy Camp Shirt is made from a blend of linen and cotton and comes in a wide range of colors such as Blue Sea, White, Liquor, Rambutan, Praying Mantis, Seville, and Twilight Shadow.
  • El Guapo Stripe Shirt features colorful stripes and is made from 100 percent linen. It is attention-getting and is perfect to wear on a sunny day.
  • Garden Of Hope & Courage Shirt not only supports a good cause but is fashionable as well. This hsirt has contrast stitching at the hem and contrasting fabric on the inner cuffs and inner yoke. It is made from 100 percent yarn-dyed linen and is machine washable.

Just Linen

Just Linen has a wide selection of relaxed linen casual shirts. Whether you are looking for something to wear on vacation or to a Caribbean wedding, this site will have you covered. Some shirts to check out include:

  • Martin Gordon Short Sleeve Linen Shirt is a short sleeve shirt done in dyed linen. It has a single front pocket and comes in lavender, pink, yellow and melon,
  • Guayabera Linen Shirt is made for hot weather. It keeps you cool since it is made from natural fiber linen. It is a comfortable choice for special occasions or anytime you want something to keep you cool while looking good.
  • Visitor Linen Camp Shirt has a camp collar and buttoned side vents. It also has dual pockets and is made from a fine woven linen. It comes in your choice of pink, blue or yellow.

Caring for Linen

Linen shirts can be machine washed on a gentle cycle or hand washed. When washing your linen at home, be aware that it will be softer than if it is dry cleaned by a professional. Dry cleaning will produce a crisper looking shirt. Always read the label on your shirt for proper care options.

Remember that linen wrinkles easily. This is one drawback of a shirt made from linen. It is not the best to travel with or pack into a suitcase. Try a linen blend mixed with another fabric for a wrinkle free option. Pure linen requires ironing to avoid wrinkles. Since linen is known for wrinkling, you can either take the time to iron or embrace the nature of the fabric.

If you are looking for a carefree and comfortable shirt, consider one of the many options of linen shirts for men. It will not only keep you cool but look stylish as well.

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Linen Shirts for Men