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Loudmouth golf pants are sure to get you noticed while out on the greens. These pants are like nothing you have ever seen and once you have, you will never forget them or the company who created them.

About Loudmouth Golf

Based out of California, Loudmouth Golf is not your ordinary sportswear company. Known for their outrageous golf pants, Loudmouth uses the wildest prints it can find. They want their pants to be noticed and to grab attention. Once someone sees a pair of Loudmouth golf pants, they will never forget them and many will want a pair. This company not only sells golf pants but a range of other items as well. Their products are meant to be both fun and functional.

Their collection for men includes:

  • Ties
  • Shorts
  • Sport Coats
  • Hats and visors
  • Socks
  • Shirts
  • Belts
  • Golf gloves
  • Ball mark repair tools
  • Colored golf tees

Of course, all items from Loudmouth are done in their signature loud patterns such as Disco Balls, Lime Green or Aloha Girls. There is nothing plain or simple about this company or its merchandise.

Styles of Loudmouth Golf Pants

Loudmouth is best known for their golf pants. They come in two options: regular cut golf pants and the latest addition to the lineup, Par 5 pants. Par 5 are styled like jeans and can be worn on and off the golf course.

Loudmouth pants come in even sizes only ranging from waist size 26 to 56. They are machine washable but require special care such as line drying.

Loud prints in the regular cut collection, made from a blend of cotton and spandex, include:

  • Bubblegum: A vibrant hot pink color
  • Aloha Girls: Girls dressed in swimsuits cover these pants along with fun Hawaiian prints
  • Bushwood: Various colors of blue make up the plaid for this pair
  • Cherry Bomb: Bright red and black tiger stripes
  • Cotton Candy: Swirls of pink and green
  • Disco Balls: Your choice of either a black or white background, both adorned by colorful disco balls
  • Orange & Blue: Stripes done in bold orange and bright blue
  • Shagadelic: Reminiscent of the 70s with funky colors of lime green, yellow and red
  • Hamptons: Yellow, navy blue and red stripes
  • Pole Position: Black and white checks much like a racing flag
  • Dixie: Red, white and blue diamonds

Par 5 pants come in several other prints such as Oakmont Houndstooth, Evel and Stars and Stripes. They are done in cotton and have more structure than the classic pants.

Shopping Options

Loudmouth products can be found both online and at retail locations. If you are shopping online, check out the following sites for the latest Loudmouth items:

Some retailers who sell Loudmouth at their stores include:

  • PGA Tours Superstores
  • Roger Dunn
  • Golf Mart

You may also be able to find a pair at local golf shops, country club pro shops, resort shops that have a golf course and anywhere men's sportswear is sold.

Loudmouth Sightings

Nothing sells clothing better than seeing your favorite celebrities, or in this case famous golfers, wearing it. Loudmouth golf pants are worn by golfers such as John Daly. Many question what pair he will wear next and can't wait to see him at his next tournament to find out.

You can attract attention in a pair of Loudmouth pants in a print that is fun and outrageous. Grab a pair for your next golf outing and enjoy the looks you will get while wearing a comfortable pair of pants.

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Loudmouth Golf Pants