Marlboro Classics Waistcoats

A waistcoat can recapture the look of the American West.

The immediate association, of course, is with cigarettes, but stylish men know that Marlboro Classics waistcoats, as well as their other clothes, are part of a relaxed, Western-style line that is comfortable and hip.

Styles of Marlboro Waistcoats

The term waistcoat isn't used in the U.S. very frequently. It's more of a British word for a button-down vest, whereas the British use the word vest to denote an undershirt for both men and women. When an item is called a waistcoat in the States, it's usually because it's part of formal or evening dress, or a morning suit. That is not the case with Marlboro Classics waistcoats, because these clothes are inspired by a rugged, natural look.

It may, in fact, be a surprise to fans of the line that Marlboro Classics makes its home in Italy. True, Italian men's fashions are known for their loose cuts and casual style, but evoking a look of the American West is something else again. However, the Italians have always had a fascination with the rugged west - it should be remembered that the Italians, with Sergio Leone at their head, rejuvenated the moribund Western film genre in the 1960s. So it only makes sense that they would bring their unique design style to an American look.

Most Marlboro Classics waistcoats are made from denim and have a lived-in look to them. They work well over a loose button-down shirt and under a shearling jacket.

Shopping for Marlboro Classics Waistcoats

Shopping for any Marlboro Classics items from the U.S. is an exercise in frustration. Even their web site is not accessible to viewers in the States. The clothes are predominantly sold in Europe and Asia. Popular markets include Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Turkey and Shanghai. In much the same way as the Italian western films were often not distributed in the American markets, even though they starred American actors, these decidedly American-style clothes are not yet available for purchase by Americans.

Men interested in Marlboro Classics clothes have been able to purchase them when traveling abroad. Or, for those who can read any of the respective languages and have the sort of Internet access that will supercede barriers, they can order the clothes online from any of the European distributors. But for the foreseeable future, these are the only options for anyone wanting to buy the clothes.

Other Denim Waistcoats

If you don't have your heart set on something from Marlboro Classics, you can buy denim vests from a number of other outlets. It's best to use the word "vest" in your search, rather than "waistcoat"; otherwise you'll find yourself looking at a lot of European options.

One good source for shopping is Sierra Trading Post, which specializes in casual wear and rugged outdoor wear. You can save anywhere from 35-70% on known labels and they carry a lot of closeouts as well. This can be awkward if you are looking for something trendy or specific, but it's still worth the browse. They currently carry an Orvis Black Forest vest in wool and leather that takes its look from a hunting vest. They also have a Golden Bear satin-back suede vest that combines a rugged look with a touch of class.

If what you want is something more sporty, there are dozens of padded vests to choose from in a variety of fabrics. These are perfect for autumn, adding a nice layer to ward off the nip in the air without warming you up too much. They add a touch of interest to your outfit, without the fuss of a jacket.

While the exact waistcoat you want may not be easily available, a little browsing should yield you something just as good - or even better.

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Marlboro Classics Waistcoats